What Is a Call to Action and What Makes a Successful CTA?

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To make a successful ad campaign you need to set Call-to-Action button on your Ad. CTA can increase conversions and sales. An easy strategy to write the best facebook ad.

Facebook's active users are increasing. They have raised more than 2 billion per year by 11%. In the United States, people are exposed to approximately 5,000 to 12,000 advertisements per day. While the good design will draw attention to your Facebook advertising, a CTA is one that will increase conversions and convince people to click and take action.

Your call-to-action is what can make or break your professional development, Either help you reach your goal or else leave you behind from everything else.

The CTA is the most important element of your ad to convince people to click. If you have a good image, it will attract people's attention. But the CTA is where people will actually decide to stop and click. The description text may help, but most people may have decided to click before reading it.

Knowing how a well-written and beautifully placed CTA is one of the most powerful skills any marketer can have in their arsenal. Even tech brands are getting on board with the appeal of lifestyle images:

What is a Call to Action (CTA)?

Call to action elements have a great impact on company conversions and are correctly considered the most important element of your interface. Call to action is a marketing term that refers to the next step a marketer wants to take to his audience or reader. In B2C marketing, the most common CTAs include language such as "buy now" and "create your account". There may be a direct link to the sale of a CTA such as shopping, downloading content or interacting with others.

You may not always be "close to the deal" and make a sale with your call to action, but you will lead more people in the direction by encouraging them to take action.

A call-to-action button on a Facebook post is a creative and engaging way to drive traffic to your website. Within Falcon, you can add the following call-to-action buttons to your Facebook Ads:

cta, call-to-action

The seven calls to action currently available are:

Book Now: This is useful for hoteliers because it will give some data as to how many users from Facebook are interested in booking with the hotel

Contact us: Add a link to your website on your "Contact Us" page where visitors can get directions, send you an email, or call your business.

Use the app: If you are using any mobile app, and want the app to be downloaded by a Facebook user then the "use application" CTA button is very useful for you.

Play Game: Play Game ”CTA button helps Facebook users to run your targeting game portal.

Shop now: Include a link to your e-commerce website and let visitors browse new products and shop online. Or, include a link to a featured product or sales item from your Facebook page.

Sign up: To create an email list, you can use the "Sign up" CTA button.

Watch the video: Use existing videos or create a new one for your Facebook page to introduce new visitors and fans to your business.

How to add a call-to-action button for a Facebook ad

Define the name of the advertisement in the advertisement box.
Select the appropriate purpose, most are chosen to "click on the website".

best-cta, call-to-action

Click on “Create New Unpublished Post”.
Then appear the new dialog box, and fill all the information in the dialog box carefully.

facebook-ads, call-to-action

After filling all the information, click on "Create Post".
Now your advertisement will be run online with a call to action button.

Why is CTA Important?

Strategic call-to-action (CTAs) can help guide your visitors through the shopping journey and directly affect your conversion rates. A truly effective CTA will do wonders to attract visitors' attention, demonstrate their interest, and clearly direct them through the sign in process.

A call to action is the finishing touch on any type of content. It is the cherry on top that every user wants. Your lead has read or at least scanned your content, and may be on the fence about taking the next step.

Using the versatility of CTAs, analyzing which particular mediums CTAs are fit for can result in a huge increase in revenue. Access to the entire user base through blogs and social media can ensure that a wider net is cast than ever before.

Tech brands are getting on board with the appeal of lifestyle images:

facebook-cta, call-to-action

What makes a successful CTA?

To create a successful CTA that brings your business conversions, you must first decide what your Objective are, such as:

• No CTA resolution less than 1,200 x 628 pixels. You can adjust ad sizes in most image editing programs. Very few pixels will lead to a grainy image.

• An ad is too short to last too long. Your impressions, clicks and conversion rates go down. On top of that, you can get negative feedback from people who see your ads. On average, depending on the size of your audience and the focus of your ad, run ads for about 2–4 weeks before fatigue and blindness. Sometimes 7 days is the optimal time to run an advertisement.

• Asking a question is a quick way to tap on the customer's emotions. When you pose a question, the reader naturally answers it. You can think about what they need before submitting your proposal.

faebook-ads, call-to-action

• The goal of maximizing relevance. Note that relevance score in Facebook reporting. Consider how different types of advertising help you fulfill different objectives.

• Split testing CTAs is an investment in your company that determines what resonates with your audience. Small changes lead to small improvements, while large changes lead to large improvements.

split-test, call-to-action
Minor changes include testing different button colors or text, While major changes may include testing completely different landing pages with dramatically different CTAs.

• Adding an element of urgency is the best way to get your visitors to focus on the tasks you want them to take. Is this a limited offer? Is the promotion ending soon? Only a few items left in stock? Allow your customers to prompt you to act now instead of turning it off later.

The customer’s emotional side is what does the buying. Money isn’t spent on features, it’s spent on solutions. Let’s look at this ad:

CTR, call-to-action

• Small changes include testing different button colors or text, while larger changes may include testing completely different landing pages with dramatically different CTAs.

A lot of research has been done into the effect of website colors on visitor behavior.
It is generally accepted that ...

• Yellows capture attention
• Reds energize and provoke action
• Blues build trust
• Greens are associated with wealth and are the easiest color for the eye to process online
• Purples calm
• Pinks are still seen as a feminine color
• Oranges stimulate action but can sometimes be seen as aggressive.

The color that works best for your website will depend on the colors of your brand and the design of your site.

Remember, simple marketing is effective marketing - don't make things more complicated than they need to be!

facebook-marketing, call-to-action

These calls to action are to create a Facebook advertisement that helps you achieve your ultimate goals such as increasing revenue and A / B growing your business.

You need to know the CTA advertising objectives

When you have a solid list of objectives to accomplish, they are easy to achieve because they are specified, allowing you to create a strategy that matches your needs. For instance, you might create posts to generate engagement, including:

  • Driving sales and sign-ups to your landing page
  • Encouraging user-created content
  • Drive conversations and comments
  • Alert readers of sales, discounts, and promotional events

The call to action would then be decided as per these objectives.

Having a clear CTA increases click-through-rates by nearly 3X.

facebook-ads, call-to-action

Without a clear call to action, people will do various tasks with advertising. Will share Some will visit your website. Some will buy something, maybe small. If you haven't set your goals yet, don't fret about it. You can use these goals as reference points for your own setting.

If you do not A / B test the various components of your CTA, it is impossible to know if they are capable of converting more visitors. You should always test one element at a time and pay special attention to the color and copy of the button when testing the partition.

This can be the difference between leaving a sale or your website visitor empty-handed. If you want to grow
Social media marketing has become an integral part of any business. So if you want to experiment with these social media buttons, then you need to think carefully about your CTA.

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