What exactly is split testing and why is it important

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Split A / B testing is important if you want to check which PPC campaign to use and optimize it to get the best results in terms of higher conversion.

Running a split test isn’t about making a change for the sake of change. Most marketers run split tests because they suspect an aspect of their marketing isn’t working well, or because they think they can get even better results, such as more leads or sales, from a web page.

What is split testing and why is it important?

Split testing is a method of conducting controlled, randomized experiments with the goal of improving a website metric, such as clicks, engagement, form completions, or purchases.A / B testing is an experiment and a comparison of two types or options of an online or offline campaign, such as a landing page, ad text, a headline, a call to action, or any other element of a marketing campaign or ad.

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Split A / B testing is important if you want to check which PPC campaign to use and optimize it to get the best results in terms of higher conversion. However, many digital marketers fear the negative effects that A / B split testing may have on the mainstream website's SEO. The fear was based on the assumption that A / B testing might affect the ranking due to content options.

Improved content engagement

The A / B testing process leads to improved website content, because you have to discuss what content is valuable and why. When you generate variables for testing, you create a list of potential content improvements.

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The A/B testing engagement helped the client to classify the version (A or B) that their visitors and customers find the most engaging. The client was able to convert more site visitors into buyers, but it also helped them to attain higher values for their products and services.

Reduced Bounce Rates

When you spend a lot of time and effort creating pages for your website, it can be disheartening when visitors simply “bounce off” your website without wasting time viewing your content or browsing other pages. If this happens to you, it's time to explore optimization with A / B testing.

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Whether setting up fonts, headings, or anything else on your pages, a direct comparison made with A / B testing will help you find a winning combination of elements that keeps visitors to your site long enough to ensure they have the value of your content that may eventually lead to a sale.

Help you connect with clients on social networks

After you have completed A / B testing in your headlines, you can use the results of this analysis to determine what content you want to share across platforms.This is especially important on social networking sites that do not allow you to check things like headlines like your own website.

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For example, if you know that the headline on a particular web page works well, you can share posts on your Twitter and Facebook pages, using this heading to encourage subscribers to go to your site.

Risk reduction

A / B testing reduces the risks inherent in such important decisions as pricing and strategy. Testing customer behavior before making decisions increases the likelihood of success.

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A / B testing helps companies target their resources to maximize results by increasing their ROI, regardless of whether the return on investment is determined in the short-term success or long-term customer loyalty.

Time Efficient

When it comes to promoting a product or service, much of your success depends on communicating with your potential customers at the right moment. This means that you can show the same ad every two weeks and get completely different results.

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The reason A / B testing works is that you effectively run two slightly different ads at once. By doing this, you can be sure that the problem is not when you advertise, but that it is linked to the copy or the ad itself.


It’s hard to know that your site visitors will like it and that they don’t like it when they visit your site, so A / B testing is so important. However, when it comes to choosing things for A / B testing on your site, many believe that this method is applicable only to forms, images and real text. However, you can test A / B virtually any marketing and advertising campaign offline.

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Sometimes, it’s the smallest tweak that makes the most difference in finding a combination that engages readers and converts visitors.

A/B testing measures your website’s performance

During A / B testing, you will have the opportunity to analyze key indicators that give you a general idea of how the design of your website currently works, as well as how it can work with any new planned and improved potential changes.

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When using tools like Google Analytics, you usually have access to three different key indicators to measure the overall design effectiveness of your website:

Why should I run split tests on my website?

Conducting split testing, you put your visitors in the center of the decision-making process. On the one hand, the results obtained as a result of separate testing will help you find out which version of the page they interact with most often, and on the other hand, what information and design will turn them into regular customers.

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Split tests promise good user experience to help you identify barriers and optimize your conversion funnel.

Split testing is equivalent to conducting a controlled experiment, a methodology that can be applied not only to web pages.

The concept of split testing originated from direct mail advertising campaigns and in print media, which were tracked by different phone numbers for each version. You can currently share test ad banners and text ads, TV commercials, email topics, and web products.

No matter which split test method you choose, this is a vital part of your digital marketing efforts, as this is the only sure way to measure the effectiveness of site changes and how they affect your desired goals.

Performing an A / B split test using proven scientific methods is not an attempt that only large corporations can afford. As a business owner or digital marketer, you can do A / B split testing to improve your pay-per-click campaign.

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