Types of Viral.

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Their are multiple prerequisites which you need to pass before becoming popular on the Internet.

What is Viral

Every content has it’s own nature, quality, ideology, message, uniqueness and craft. Viral Content is not something which has come on to trending page and has no nature of its own. This popular Content is also reached to you only because this particular craft is been shared in the format of Viral Marketing. Under this format of marketing your craft is easily accessible, you can easily share this artwork, react to it and even comment on it. Your valuable time on this particular craft makes it popular cause all the other people will act like you and this particular gesture of Individual on a particular content makes it go viral.

There are variety of content you can go viral with:

  • Positive Content :
  • Best type of content to go viral with is by coming up with a unique and positive content. Idea which makes people feel full, complete, awesome, amazing and makes them think that they also want to do something like this. When the individual visitor feels like

  • Negative Content
  • You must check the nature of your content as it always carries the tone which makes it positive or negative. Avoid using loud, harsh, controversial words or phrases which may affect the feelings of the readers and make your content controversial. But the chances of negative ideas getting viral is 90% higher than the positive or any other type of content, as past records say negative ideas, issues and news spread faster as compared to the positive.

  • Neutral Content
  • The most important factor while content creation should be such that it is well written, doesn’t has any grammatical error and has an appeal in it so that the reader read till the end. It is most likely for the writer to stay in a safe zone by creating a pro and cons of the particular topic. The neutral tone of the content keeps everyone happy as there is nothing in the extreme on either side (Positive/Negative) and thus the majority of the content managers focus on keeping the craft tone neutral.

  • Fun Content
  • In such craft creation more focus is on how to keep the tone of the content lively. Fun content has more engagement of the reader and it has certain activities involved while reading and also has a humor involved. Majority of the readers like to spend time on such content which engages them in a certain activity and pushes to use brains.

  • Fake Content
  • : There is no specific reason which determines the content is authentic, ethical or True. But many times we hear about the type of content published is not valid and has a false information Involved in it. To create a fake content is usually done by the promoters to catch the audience attention and make certain brand/product popular. Fake Content has 80% of chances to get exposed as soon as it gets viral.  

  • Authentic Content
  • When the valid sources are involved to create an information, It makes the content authentic as references and official sources are mentioned while creation of such Contents.

  • Emotional Content
  • The type of content which has the power to make the user happy, sad, angry or to feel the type of emotions involved in the content. Certain types of contents are so high on emotions as they make us laugh or cry while going through it and makes us feel nostalgic. The draw such power in content requires lots of creativity to create such craft and uniqueness which makes them feel related.

  • Awww Content
  • This is the unique variety of content type which engages the end users based on the cuteness involved in it. There is a variety of contents which can make you go “awww” like for animal lovers, pets and certain fun activities by them makes the end user feel connected and they watch it multiple times by sharing it with friends and family. Awww content is the new trending content type where kids and animals mostly get viral.

  • Motivating Content
  • Depressive Content
  • High on Emotions Content
  • Subjective Content
  • Talent based Content
  • Life based Content

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