5 Strategies to Reduce your Cost per Acquisition

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Here are a few guidelines you can use to reduce the cost of acquiring in your marketing campaigns. Optimize your landing page. The most effective ways to reduce your advertising cost on Facebook..

At the most basic level, the cost per action is a marketing metric that measures the total cost of the customer performing the action that leads to the conversion. Conversion can be one of many things, but in most cases it will be the generation, sale, page likes, video views, application installation, link clicks, and more.

Cost per action takes into account the number of clicks on ads that you need before someone converts. In other words, increasing the conversion rate will lead to a lower CPA. Along with cost per click (cost per click) , your cost per conversion will affect the total cost of advertising on Facebook.

Maintaining a high-quality score and low CPA can be a huge advantage to a PPC budget over time, giving you the opportunity to purchase more advertising in the online advertising space and optimize the number of conversions associated with advertising costs.

You can purchase an action for which he can subscribe, download an application, sell, or one of several other conversions. The action can be a purchase, a newsletter subscription, an app download, or one of several other conversions.

You select the desired action in advance and then track the user's interaction with your ad, which leads to this action. Facebook optimizes your ads so that you can fulfill as much as possible within the established advertising budget.

CPA advertising can help you not to spend money on search queries that can not directly affect your business. If one of your ads appears in search results and does not match the goal of the search engine, you will be paid only if the search engine is included in the ad and is eventually converted.

Here are some practical strategies you can implement to lower your CPA in your PPC campaigns

Lowering your CPA allows you to control the cost of attracting new customers right from the start. This gives you theopportunity to get a better return on your investment in a relatively short period of time without the additional cost of acquiring new traffic. .

Step 1: Smarter Targeting

The audience is new keywords, and on Facebook it really is. There are several ways to target your audience, depending on the depth of your understanding. Remember that you spend money on each viewing or click on your ad (depending on the settings you choose), so it is very important that your dollars be taken into account.

facebook-ads  cpa, Cost per Acquisition

Look carefully at your target customers. View your geographic/demographic data about where they live, work, play, spend. Find a way to take what you know about their choices, and then turn it upside down to surprise them.

The 3 Ways to Target Your Audiences

Lookalike Audiences: people who are like your current customers. it Increases your budgets only if your user audience is profitable or if your products will be bought by a double audience.
know how to Create A Lookalike Audience On Facebook

Interest Targeting: people whose interests are related to your product. This means that you are segmenting your audience into other products that they like, life events, a competitors page that they like and other targeting criteria.

Behavioral Targeting: people whose behavior is related to your product. This is a technique used by advertisers and publishers to utilize a web user's previous web browsing behavior to customize the types of ads they receive..

Facebook has a lot of user data that you can use to planeffective campaigns that target your audience according to their unique personalities. Do not let this data go to waste.

Step 2: Aggressive Optimising

Optimizing in this way will allow you to lower the cost per conversion and give you confidence that you can increase your costs and, therefore, increase the total number of conversions. There are a number of elements for optimization, including ad copying, ads, targeting sets, time of day, placements, etc. Change your bid levels, maximum budget, and regularly show your ads to ensure efficiency.

facebook-ads  cpa  Cost per Acquisition

With placement and creativity, you will be able to stop advertising, which does not work quickly if you set everything up correctly. The Facebook reports section within the ads system is your best friend for helping you with this data. You can filter by data sets to see everything you need quickly.

Step 3: Stop running ads on mobile devices

If your website is not suitable for mobile devices or mobile devices have not led to any sales in the past 3 months and/or do not help in conversions, you should stop spending money on mobile advertising (until your website is ready for mobile devices and/or mobile devices optimized for conversions). I often hear this argument that our website is mobile friendly, and therefore we have to show ads on mobile devices, but the website analytics tells a completely different story.

facebook-ads  lookalike-audience lookalike

I have seen many so-called “mobile friendly” websites that display correctly in mobile browsers but provide a terrible user experience.

Run a series of usability tests before you start spending money on mobile advertising.

Step 4: Placements to process

if you find a specific placement that works well, but now you see a slight increase in CPA, move it to your managed placements and set different parameters for it than the rest of your automatic placements.

For the campaign shown below, the Facebook news feed of the mobile application brought significantly cheaper results than other placements. Based on these results, you can easily lower the price per result by excluding all other placements.

cpa facebook ads Cost per Acquisition

It is best to first set up advertising on Facebook for each type of placement. All placements display ads differently, so create unique ads for each type of placement. It is useful to be more detailed with your Facebook advertising structure before excluding a specific placement.

Step 5: Split Test Ad Creative to Reduce CPC

The effectiveness of an advertising campaign on Facebook is likely to decline after a few weeks due to the mere fatigue of advertising. The frequency starts to grow, so your ads stop cutting noise. This is especially true if you run evergreen content campaigns again and again.

For example, we tested a custom image, a regularly published image and a promotional video for the same post. The results varied greatly. The custom image showed the best results with a CPC of $ 0.571, while a popular blog image showed the worst results — more than $ 1 per click.

facebook-ads cpa, Cost per Acquisition

We repeated the test with another campaign, and this time, the video outperformed the custom image by about $0.30. Learn how to use the Facebook Split Testing Feature for Ads to reveal the optimal ad for your audience.

What makes this Facebook ad pattern successful?

visually appealing The visual element is simple, clear and focused on all wine lovers.

Relevance score. Your relevancy score directly affects how much you pay and how often your ad is shown. The higher your score, the less you will pay and the better your results will be. This is relevant. It appeared in the news feed of my colleague obsessed with wine. Algorithms found the right target !

Ad placement All ad placements have a different cost per click and impressions. This means that you can eliminate costly and inefficient placements for better results.

A strong call to action The word “get” is a strong, active word of a call to action, and it is used twice in advertising. However, adding a time limit on the offer would add even more urgency and appeal to the offer.

Bidding strategy Each Facebook betting strategy has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. You can prevent unnecessary, expensive clicks by setting a bid limit or target price.


This article offers you the best ways to lower your CPA and improve your advertising budget. Use this tactic in conjunction with the overall strategy of advertising on Facebook, and you will definitely save money on your campaigns on Facebook.

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