Use the Facebook Split Testing Feature for Ads

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The Split Testing option helps solve for this – it allows you to specify what you want to test, and Facebook will serve things more equally for you, without overlapping audiences. I actually LOVE this..

A / B testing also called split testing, is a tactic that helps you know which ad headlines, body copy, images, a call to action, or a combination of the above, work best for your target audience . In addition, you can experiment with multiple Facebook audiences and ad placements to find out who your ideal audience is and what placements they can be reached.

Images, videos, copy, calls-to-action…There are many individual elements that make up each advertising campaign on Facebook. Somewhere inside these elements lies the ideal, optimal combination for your ad to take off into the stratosphere of efficiency.

Before you begin a split-test campaign, it is imperative that you first set goals for this ad. Knowing what you really want to achieve by running this ad will significantly affect how your split tests will be performed. Once you have decided on the goals of your campaign, you will have a clearer idea on which indicators you should focus on measuring your effectiveness in your split tests. Select metrics that directly meet your goals, and direct your split tests directly to these metrics.

Create a New Campaign

To set up your split test, head over to your Ads Manager account and create a new campaign.

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Select traffic as your campaign goal. If you want to track the effectiveness of Facebook advertising campaigns, you can use Facebook Pixel to track conversions, optimize, here you can find more information about benefits, detailed instructions and more. You can choose goals in the three stages of the marketing funnel - awareness, review and conversion.

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Scroll down and give your campaign name. We propose to change this field to something that will help you easily remember what kind of campaign it is - what is content or what is a test.

facebook Ad Set Name Targeting Tricks tips 2019

Choose Which Variable to Test

In the "Variable" section, you compare different versions of your ads to see which ones work best. With each test you can use one of the following variables:

Delivery Optimization

Optimization of the show. When you select one ad, your optimization option determines what will be most valuable when your ad is shown. You can choose the optimization for clicking on links in one test and for conversions in another. Using this variable, you can check whether click optimization or conversion optimization is right for you.

split test delivery optimization campaign Tricks tips 2019

Audience The audience separation test allows you to compare two saved audiences. To set up this test, all you need to do is choose your audience. Using an audience variable, you can show your ads to various audiences using Facebook targeting options.

facebook audience split test Targeting Tricks tips 2019


Placement variable gives you more room to play. Often, showing your ads is just as important as viewing them, so this test can significantly improve the performance of your ads. You can choose automatic placements or customize placements to determine where your ads appear. You can check two custom placements against each other, but Facebook recommends not doing this.

facebook split testing placements ads Targeting Tricks tips 2019

Place an order. When you're done, click Place order at the bottom of the screen. Congrats! Your first option is ready to go.

Target audience, delivery optimization and placement are currently the only variables that can be tested against each other. In a single campaign, you can test only one variable at a time.

Set Up Your Budget

Set your budget and schedule. Either go with a budget per day or a lifetime budget. And you can also just run the ad starting today or set a start and end date.

facebook Set Up Your Budget facebook-budget Tricks tips 2019

The Even Facebook Split test divides your budget evenly across all ad sets, and Weighted Split allows you to select a budget breakdown by ad set.

weighting facebook split testing Targeting Tricks tips 2019

You can choose which split test you want to weigh more heavily. Weighing goes from 40% to 90%.

You can use your own budgets with your split tests and choose between different budgets. However, the budget directly affects the coverage of your test groups. If your test groups lead to large differences in reach or audience size, you increase your budget to improve your results and make your test comparable.

Set up your ads and place your order.

After you have set up all the elements of your advertising campaign on Facebook , it's time to click the “Publish to Facebook” button and start waiting for results.

When you start working with advertising on Facebook, you will realize that you need to test too many things: image advertising, ad copy, target audience, bidding methods, campaign goal, another ad image, another ad copy, another

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The Biggest mistake you’ll probably make at this stage is to create an A / B test with several categories of variables.test one element per split test, and use your prioritization table to define which one to examine first.

Important things to note

  • Split testing is based on people, not cookies, and collects results on multiple devices.
  • If you cancel your split test before it is completed, your budget and coverage will no longer be divided between the ad sets
  • You can not create a split test in an existing campaign. At this point, you should start with a new campaign.
  • Be careful when making changes to other non-variable factors. Editing placement, creativity, and other factors may affect the results and undermine your understanding of what has affected the results.
  • Changing the split test after it starts can affect the test results. Be careful when editing your split test campaigns and edit only when absolutely necessary.

Split testing is a necessary part of any marketing campaign, including pay-per-click content . And, unfortunately, without deep, intensive, deliberate split tests, you can’t really see which parts of the ad work and which parts don't. After all, split testing on Facebook is the only way to really conduct a scientifically accurate A / B test.

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