5 Ways to Create an Effective Facebook Mobile Ads

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Here are five ways in which you can create an Effective Facebook Mobile Ad Campaign with the exception of remarketing, greatly helps your other marketing channels..

“Know your audience” is a fundamental marketing principle long before the advent of the Internet. When placing advertising on the Internet, one of the most important factors of the audience you are referring to should be taken into account: which devices they use.

Facebook now makes advertising even more convenient for marketers by launching the Ads Manager mobile application. According to the social network, more than 2 million businesses now use advertising on Facebook . every day and on average each person spends more than 50 minutes a day on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. And with the advent of mobile technology, providing an application for advertisers is an important next step.

Facebook Mobile Ads Earn 2.5 Times More Than Desktop Ads, Studies Find

The data was obtained from 7 million impressions received from 8 to 18 June, of which 242,000 were shown on mobile devices. Ads on mobile channels brought about $ 7.51 per thousand impressions, and on desktop ones - $ 2.98. Marketers who purchased CPC-based advertising in the study paid only slightly more for mobile ads, as shown in the diagram below.

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The number of likes per 1000 mobile impressions generated was also higher on mobile devices, averaging 0.62% compared to 0.219% on channels on the desktop.

Think about what it means to serve mobile customers. Users of smartphones or tablets differ from each other and differ from desktop users. Avoid adapting your desktop strategy to mobile devices. This will affect your message performance and performance.

The clickthrough rate for mobile ads was 0.81% compared to an average of 0.145% for all five placements studied: for mobile devices, only for news feeds on a desktop computer, only for desktop computers, only for news feeds (for desktop and mobile devices) and the "control" group (uniform bids made across placements). The click-through rateset a bud for desktop-only news-feed ads falls roughly in the middle at 0.334%,

The effective CPM for mobile ads (which were purchased based on CPC, along with other resources in the study) was $ 7.51, compared with an average of $ 1.62 across all five sites.

Create an effective mobile advertising campaign on Facebook

There are no restrictions in marketing and advertising. The Internet makes it easier for everyone. Choose the right platform and the right way to communicate with your audience, and success is just around the corner. Let's talk about the latest five trends to get the most out of your mobile advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Optimize your images for mobile ads.

Image optimization is one of the most important elements of your mobile advertising. you know that the screens of smartphones and tablets are smaller than desktop monitors, and you will want to adjust the image accordingly. A single image ad format allows you to display one image in six advertisements in one set. and factor number one, when people decide whether to click on a message. Single image ads are useful when you want to draw attention to your brand with an effective image.

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Creating effective advertising for Facebook smartphones is more than just gluing glossy images and hoping for something good. You need to be strategic about your goal, to make sure that it matches the overall picture of what you want to achieve from your ad.

Try Instagram Advertising

1 billion active Instagram users every month, more than 500 million of them use the platform every day. Instagram is such a visual platform, here text advertising is not a thing. Rather, you need an image, a set of images or a video (which can be accompanied by text) in order to attract an audience through an Instagram advertisement.

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According to Instagram, 60% of people say they are discovering new products on the platform, and 75% of Instagramstairs take action after being inspired by the publication.

Most people use their smartphones to read their news, chat on Facebook or publish their own stories and update social network graphs. Most smartphones are equipped with high-quality cameras that can take photos that will be immediately posted to Instagram. Anyone can be an amateur photographer. Instagram is the best channel for this type of media, which is why most mobile users have Instagram accounts.

Choose mobile titles

Your advertising title on your Facebook smartphone matters. Lot. 80% of readers never go beyond the headline. Using these powerful copywriting techniques, you can create, test, and find headlines that double the clickthrough rate. If you start a headline with a number, you are 32% more likely that people click on your ads and try to select odd numbers that have a higher clickthrough rate than even numbers with even numbers.

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headlines with 60-100 characters earn the highest click-through rates and the rates decline as headlines decrease below 60 characters or increase beyond 100 characters.The Ad headline is customized, but it fails to offer a compelling reason or highlight a specific benefit for subscribing.

Facebook carousel mobile ad format

Carousels are effective not only because they stimulate potential customers to interact with your advertising, but also because they simply expand opportunities by giving you more space for products or parts of your brand's story

Carousel advertisements provide the ability to scroll through a set of images and select the one that they like best - at this point they are transferred to the appropriate page for this image.

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Some brands use the carousel format to display their product catalog, as Tieks did in their advertising for their smartphones

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Facebook carousel is the ideal medium for displaying multiple products in several segments of a pool of potential customers. However, do not sleep on the carousel just because you are conducting a campaign to raise awareness, traffic or leading events.

Call Button on Facebook

In a short period of time, Facebook has come a long way, especially for businesses, and thanks to the Call to Action buttons, the platform now offers companies a legitimate way to monetize their social efforts right on the spot.

Types of call-to-action buttons include:

  • Shop Now
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Book Now
  • Download.

Since there are five different variants of CTA, I also recommend sharing testing different buttons, if that makes sense. Perhaps the most exciting feature of this ad format -

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The “Call Now” button appears in the lower right corner of each ad unit, which is displayed in users' news feeds in the Facebook mobile application. All customers need to do is click a button and their phone will automatically call your business. According to Wingify, the creators of Visual Website Optimizer, almost 30% of all A / B tests (split-testing) performed by their customers are push-button calls.

This is because the call to action works. Using an effective advertising header will help increase your clickthrough rate.

Although Facebook’s advertising opportunities are ripe, it doesn’t hurt to delve into some additional facts and figures.

  • Mobile users in your target group will be at a specific location at a specific time. For example, a working class group will be on the road in the evening.
  • The site tracks the last 50 pages with which the user worked, and increases the content of these pages in the user's news feed. It is important to be one of those last 50 pages, so post
  • On average, if you target your ad to a user audience , rather than a category or interest, CPC will be 14% lower and CPA 64%.
  • Facebook Mobile advertising is necessary for any business or brand trying to attract customers. Targeted advertising on Facebook can attract new fans and keep old customers in one post, and excellent advertising on Facebook can increase your brand image and online presence.
  • Tablet users expect better ads and often use the tablet at home in the evening or on weekends with WiFi connection. So you need to work with high-quality creatives that play well over a WiFi connection. You also need to correctly calculate ad delivery times for these types of target users.


Mobile advertising on Facebook, with the exception of remarketing, greatly helps your other marketing channels. As you move forward in your advertising campaigns on Facebook , think about how mobile interaction with Facebook pushes users to other channels to later convert and take advantage of it.

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