Optimize Facebook Ads to Drive More Traffic and Sales

facebook ads drive traffic how to Tricks tips 2019

Managing and optimizing your Facebook campaigns to get the most online sales for your budget.

Facebook is one of the best places to find qualified customers. Millions of companies use Facebook to tell the story of their brand, increase site traffic and increase sales. And for digital marketers, whose work is connected with phones, the conversion of calls to Facebook is quickly becoming a key source of income. There is no doubt that advertising on Facebook is an incredibly effective way to grow your business .

For e-commerce owners, Facebook provides you with an easy way to target a very specific customer and return it to your website.

Advertising on Facebook can be fun and exciting. But if you do not know what you are trying to achieve, you will experience only disappointment.

In this article, we will show you how to quickly optimize advertising on Facebook to increase online sales using the 7 most important and effective ways to optimize advertising on Facebook, which will increase your sales and increase traffic to your page.


The first and most important step is to make sure that the goal of your Facebook campaign matches the goal for your ads. This ensures that the Facebook algorithm knows how to automatically optimize your campaign for optimal advertising delivery for the type of customer you are targeting.

facebook ads drive traffic how to objective-options tips 2019 targeting

Brand awareness: The goals of awareness are the main objectives that are designed to interest you with what you offer. At this stage, you tell people about your brand. You want consumers to recognize you.

Traffic: Use traffic target if your goal is to attract potential traffic to your online store, promotion or product pages. Facebook will show your ad to those people in your target audience who are likely to click on your link based on their past behavior.

Video View: Use the "View Video" goal when you promote a video, and your main task is to get more people to view your video, and you do not need them to click on your link or convert what you are advertising.

Consideration: When you go to the review stage, you begin to acquire potential customers. You can drive traffic or get contact information from consumers.

Conversion: Now you want a customer to take action, for example, buy your product or launch a free trial version of your software. This is the ultimate goal for most small businesses .

Application Installs: Use the “Install Applications” goal if you have an application and you want to send people to the store where they can download your application.

Lead generation: In addition to the Web audience (in most cases), each placement can be effective in forcing users to present information, whether through a leading Facebook ad or a landing page of a website. But news feeds are likely to provide the best leadership price (CPL).

Step 2: Facebook Ad Placement Optimization

Ad Placement is used to help Facebook understand the goals of your advertising campaign. Essentially, you tell Facebook algorithms what your expected results are and who should see your ads. here are so many options where you can place your ads like News Feed Ads, Right Column Ads, Mobile Feeds, In-stream videos, Marketplace Ads, Instagram feed and many more.

facebook ads drive traffic how to Tricks tips 2019 ads-placement

Use testing as a starting point to determine which advertising is appropriate for your target audience and to ensure the best results for your brand or business.

The first thing to do is to try to match the placement with your target audience and your goal when you first create a campaign. After your campaign starts, find placements that lower your average and remove them from your ad set. To create a better user experience, Facebook wants to ensure that the right ad is shown at the right time.

Step 3: Set Up Tracking Pixels

Facebook Pixel is a line of code you can install on your website to track conversions, micro-conversions, and behavior of your website visitors. Facebook Pixel keeps track of everyone who visits your site, regardless of the source of referrals. For this reason, retargeting can also increase all your marketing efforts from other platforms. This is a way to advertise your potential customers when they are in an environment in which they feel comfortable on social networks. Pixels also give you information about your users, such as their location or their phones or computers.

facebook ads drive traffic pixel Tricks tips 2019

If you use PPC, then you really should use the Facebook Pixel, otherwise you just miss the good conversion options. An example is, for example, the fact that you notice that a large number of visitors leave their carts. Facebook Pixel can be used specifically for these visitors, acting as a reminder or offering suggestions related to their interests to encourage them to come back and take action.

Step 4: Ad Scheduling on Your Data.

The truth is that it largely depends on your demographic situation and the time when they are online. It also has a lot in common with time zones.

You can spend hours on how to post updates so people can see them. Facebook ads are simple and straightforward. Many novice advertisers on Facebook have their ads running around the clock, and if they work well, look no further. However, if you look closely at your advertising data, you will notice that there are different times per day or day per week that show better conversion rates than others.

facebook ads drive traffic Ad-Scheduling Tricks tips 2019

Create your ads based on the time of day or day of the week, which you choose according to the time zone. For example, if your ad set is open from 8 to 10 am, you may want your ad to use the media associated with the mornings.

Step 5: Create A Custom Call-To-Action

The call-to-action button, or CTA, is one of the most important elements on your landing page or website. Think of it as a door to the next step of your marketing or sales funnels, where every click is a potential customer through this door. A call to action can be used to create your email list (“Sign up for a free report now”), increase your social networks, maintain readership on your website and more.

call-to-action traffic full-guide-cta audience-targeting

When setting up an advertisement, go to the “text and links” section. This will allow you to choose from several drop-down options, such as “buy now”, “learn more”, “register”, etc. You can also enter your own call-to-action. This will actively push your customers to click and increase your potential sales.

Step 6: Create an Effective Retargeting Funnel

Retargeting is a marketing practice that saves you from it. This is a strategy of targeting someone who has shown some initial interest in your products or services by visiting your site.

Using small daily budgets when retargeting a warm audience can help prevent advertising fatigue, because it ensures that your potential customers won't show your ads too often. However, this tactic rarely provides the maximum attention to your Facebook ads return on advertising costs (ROAS).

facebook ads optimazition retargeting traffic Ad-Scheduling Tricks tips 2019

Retargeting is often cheaper than creating new visitors from traffic sources such as PPC in Google Adwords and Bing, so if we can attract a large number of available visits using advertising on Facebook, then target these users again with advertising on Facebook, We will be able to reach a wider audience of potential buyers, taking into account our advertising budget. Regardless of whether you are targeting new leads or redirecting missed conversions, gaining people's trust in your brand is one of the most important goals you need to achieve.

Since social networking platforms, especially Facebook, make it easy to share views between multiple accounts, you have the opportunity to gain the trust of potential customers by simply attending their schedules and allowing them to easily reach you.

Step 7: Split testing /A/B testing

Split testing or A/B testing is a control check for a single item option. The control is the original element, and the variant is what you change. In other words, you change one element on the page and see how the results for this page differ from the original version. Another split test version is A / B / n testing. Here you are testing more variants of one element, evenly distributing traffic between them.

facebook ads drive traffic Placement AB-Tests-split-test 2019 targeting

Sometimes small changes have a big impact on conversion rates. The key to such results is testing what has a strong influence on the psyche of customers. Something that may influence their decision.

If your ads cause a lot of impressions, but few clicks and even fewer conversions, consider doing A / B split testing. Experiment with:

  • Messaging.
  • Ad creative.
  • Images
  • Landing page copy.
  • Audience segments.

Creating a separate audience based on different conversion goals and previous participation can help you create hyper-targeted messages that find more response.

Advertising on Facebook is an important component of your small business’s marketing and advertising approach. When used properly, advertising on Facebook attracts potential customers, gains their trust and loyalty and turns them into paying customers. Optimize your advertising on Facebook by creating a target audience , increasing brand involvement in attractive content and attracting people to your website or store using conversion advertising

Facebook has over 1 billion active accounts. It only makes sense for a business if you include the use of so many potential customers as part of your marketing approach.

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