How To Get Started With Facebook Collaborative Ads

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The new ad format enables brands that either don't have an ecommerce ... The ad format, which Facebook calls Collaborative Ads, relies on online ... product catalogs within the social network's Ad Manager into segments.

Facebook is introducing Collaborative Ads to help advertisers unlock new ways to convert online shopper intent by empowering brand partners to drive high intent shoppers to your website and app.

The new ad format allows businesses that either have no e-commerce site or a minimal e-commerce presence to target people with ads that target products online on a retailer's website or app. The new Collaborative Ads program will enable A retailer sets up dynamic ads and creates a catalog segment that contains the brand’s products, brands can only reach shoppers who have expressed interest in their products and only through collaborative ads. When a user clicks on a branded ad, they are brought to the retailer where they can complete the purchase.

For examaple Iball wireless speakers want to advertise their products on Facebook, but they do not sell their products through their own site, but they sell on Flipkart . Since Iball speaker has a variety of products, they want to serve wireless speaker advertising for Facebook users who have already seen their wireless speakers on the Flipkart The partner will allow advertisements to do this.

You will be able to see potential customer products through its dynamic advertising on brand channels, but then you will have to finish purchases through retail channels.

collaborative ads facebook Targeting Tricks tips 2019

Collaborative Ads also allow you to introduce relevant products to relevant people—those who are most likely to buy them. At the same time, the number of visitors to the e-shop or retailer application increases.

Getting started with Collaborative Ads

Firstly you need to find a partner that matches your requirements so Visit the Business Partner Directory, an environment that helps you find partners to collaborate with. If you have a clear idea and know what your requirements are, you can immediately start searching in the Partner directory to which it belongs.
Here you can find a list of collaborative ad merchants that you can contact. You can make a request here to become a new merchant or request a new merchant. Collaboration advertisement work through the product catalog where online retailers are updated with all the latest information from their inventory.

Brands can share specific catalogs with brands, brands can allow the execution of their advertising campaigns and automatically reduce retailer catalogs. Make sure that brands can control advertisements , but retailers provide the latest product data (such as prices, availability) and landing pages.

To become a trading partner, a request must be made in the third party business Partners

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In order to request cooperation with a trading partner, a request must also be made in the third party business Partners and the following form must be completed.

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If you’re on the brand side, you’ll find a list of retail partners you can contact on the “Collaborative Ads Merchants” page, who work in your area and sell your products. you will also get Full transparency to advertising cost and results which was previously impossible.

If you are a retailer, you must have a properly configured Facebook Pixel and Mobile SDK. Then, sign up and then create a product catalog segment and share it with a partner brand or multiple tags. You do this through Business Manager . Once your brand launches dynamic ads for the products you offer, you can browse through key metrics to see how your collaboration affects sales.

The new ad format allows businesses that either have no e-commerce site or a minimal e-commerce presence to target people with ads that target products online on a retailer's website or app. Collaborative ads are a great way for brand partners to easily run performance marketing campaigns for your products.

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