How to generate leads not just traffic?

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“Getting huge Traffic on the website doesn’t always meant you will get huge sales. Once the web traffic is targeted only then it gets converted into leads.”

Madhuranjan Kumar

To convert your web traffic into positive leads you need to follow these basic rules on your website.

Super Attractive Website look:

The perspective of individuals changes and so is the meaning of attractive website. An attractive website can be a colorful or a sober 2 color palette site as well. Some like Colorful fonts, and catchy graphics on the website but some like the website to be in black and white format. It is important to have a different website but it must have an eye-pleasing web look. The website should have graphics but it should not overpower the content and context of the site. You can count on the music, gifs, videos, and smart website designs to create your masterpiece. Some of the codings which can help you to get aesthetic web look are HTML5, Bootstrap, JavaScript, CSS and many other web codes which enables you to design functional website.

Ultra Fast Website Functionality:

It is important to have an aesthetic website with smart functionality. If the site loading speed is more than 3 seconds then the beauty of the website is not of any use to the end users. As per the facts, people do not like to wait especially on the internet thus you must make sure the configurations do not take long and optimisation of On-Page, Off-Page SEO is done effectively. SEO is not only required for the fast loading speed of the website but it also helps you to get your domain rank higher. The faster your website loading speed is the higher your website gets rank in search engine.

Website Optimisation:

Optimisation of a website plays a major role in the development of a brand name and its online recognition. It is important to optimise a site with proper keywords which target client base and is so unique that it highlights your brand name whenever the (Keyword) is search on the search engine. For continuous, website improvement you can also try A/B testing to experiment contrast pages of the website and determine which web page turning is more traffic into leads.

Original Content:

As per certain topics, it is possible to have similar terminologies, keywords, and concepts but the content should never be copied. You can use keywords, synonyms even you can write phrases. The internet is full of new and meaningful Information. It is the basic rule of Google and other Search Engines that they never promote and rank the copied content. Your unique content creates your brand creditability on the internet, It makes your website original, unique and rank higher.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media has become just like a basic need for the youngsters and adults. Majority of people with smartphones use social media every single time they use the phone. Thus, every post on your brand page creates a huge difference in your brand development.

The social post must give exact information about your product and services. It should be designed such that it does not mislead or give false information to the viewers. The post must attract viewers in such a manner that they share, like, comment and engages themselves with the posts for long. The more users interact, engage and take part on your social pages, the more you can convert them into leads by solving their queries.

Email Marketing:

It is an opportunity for the brand owner to engage more audience on a weekly or biweekly basis via Email Marketing. It is important to keep your website visitors updated with the new feeds on the site. You must send emails to the subscribers and do not forget to do email to the targeted audience. Email is a way to let them know about your brand, its services, and products. It acts as a personal invitation. You should keep a note on how and where your email is getting delivered. Do not create such funky emails with fancy images which makes it land to the junk or spam.

Pay Per Click:

It is the most effective and pocket-friendly Advertisement Technique. You need to only pay for the number of targeted audiences who have taken interest in your displayed brand Ads.

You get instant leads from the PPC model as you get a chance to highlight your brand USP, Ideas, Product or Services. The engaging your Ad is, the more target audiences get attracted from the internet. This Ad model gives you real-time results and you can change the Ad Content anytime you like.


With the increase in traffic you get leads but it is not mandatory that you always get conversions. Thus, It is important for you to get targeted audience on the website which improves the conversion rate. With the change in page loading time, attractive website and original content on the web pages, you can attract a more business-oriented audience and develop your brand with higher search ranking.

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