Complete Google AdWords Audit to boost ROI

Google Adwords Audit

“Google AdWords Audit to save money and to avoid fake clicks.”

Google AdWords Introduction:

Adwords is an advertisement platform by Google. It helps your business to drive interested people to your website. The AdWords let you set a budget for advertising. The costing structure of AdWords is very interesting and pocket-friendly.

You get two options to choose from:

  • Cost Per Click is known as CPC. Here you get charged only when the end user clicks on the displayed Ad.
  • Cost based on Impressions is known as CPM. Here you get charged every time you hit 1000 impressions in your displayed Ad.

There are two types Ad formats:

Google Search Network: When End User search for a particular word on Google Search Engine. The Search Engine accepts it as a keyword and displays you the relevant result with similar keywords. The result of Google Ads is usually displayed on top, bottom and right corner of the search result page.

Google Display Network: It lets you target visitors while they’re surfing the Internet. Display Ads can show up anytime while the target audience is on laptop, mobile, Tablet or iPad. For Instance, when an individual is watching a video, checking email or using the Internet, the Ads will appear on the End User's screen.

Checklist for Google AdWord Campaign Audit:

  • Make sure to select either Search based or display based campaign. Do not select both types while setting up the campaign.
  • Ensure that you have installed the conversion code on the landing page. It helps to track the campaign performance.
  • Review the Target Settings. Also, make certain, you have setup the correct location, gender, age and device for the campaign.
  • Confirm that the Ad Group is not containing more than 10 keywords in single Campaign.
  • Verify your Ad Group has at least single relevant ad per keyword.
  • Check Quality Score of keywords and double check the relevancy of the Ad Copy.
  • Check-in AdWord section, If you're using Extension as well with your ad copies.
  • Find that your keyword belongs to which of the following category. Is it a Broad match, or a Phrase Match, or the highest paid keyword which is Exact Match or you're using a Broad Modifier.
  • Also, Navigate through the negative keywords to make you do not get any false clicks.
  • In case re-marketing ensure that you're hitting a target without repeating previous mistakes.
  • Make sure all destination URLs are working with ad copies.
  • Assure the Ads are running as per the Schedule and giving the desired results.
  • Analyse the campaign performance. Ensure that the existing campaigns are running without any error.
  • Make sure the highest bids are only for exact keywords. Assign rest budget for the middle bids which have phrase match, and the lowest bid for broad match.
  • Always check if the Landing page URL is supporting the Ad Format.
  • The associated Landing Page must have powerful and interactive content.
  • The gravity of page should be so powerful that it drives sales.


The Google AdWords Audit is the most vital step. The Paid Campaigns has lots of sensitive associations which needs to be double check before initiating with the Google AdWords. Before starting with the Campaign you must make sure the URLs, Landing Page and Content of the associated Ad Page is updated as per the Campaign Potential. You must check the Keywords used are targeting the right audience and the budget set is sufficient for the campaign run.

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