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facebook automated-ads help small businesses target Tricks tips 2019

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Facebook announced its new plan to help small businesses to meet their Facebook and Instagram advertising goals. The aim of the new program is the purpose of small enterprises, with one or two people handling the entire affair. The automated manager will engage small business owners with basic questions about their business nature. They acknowledge that small businesses can cause time and resources to promote social media, so they offer them with new tools and features that make them easier and less expensive for advertisements.

If you want to get the most from your ads, advertisements on Facebook can be a time-consuming job. Advertisers need to create and create new ad campaigns and which combination is the most efficient. Facebook is automatically rolling out an ad tool that will work a lot for business owners.

Every size business wants to use Facebook so that they share relevant content with viewers, advertising target demographics, and to generate high-quality leads. In the starting of this month, in honor of the National Small Business Week, Facebook announced that it will start new user tools to help them perform these tasks.

Video content works well on social media channels, and Facebook updates its video tool to provide more editing options. Some of the new features include automatic cropping, video cropping and video overlay that uses image or text. These functions may seem small, but simplifying video editing will make video marketing more accessible to small business owners and others.

facebook automated-ads help small businesses Targeting Tricks tips 2019

Automatic advertising can help you achieve various business goals, for example, when people visit your site or get more potential customers. Once you have defined your goal, automated ads will help your ads create and manage in the following ways:

Tailored audience targeting suggestions: We will provide some audience options based on information from your page. Facebook creates and improves your automated audience with a combination of data, such as people near your office or people who have interests related to your page.

Timely notifications about your ads: You will receive notifications to help you understand how your ads work and how to improve them. These may include proposed changes, such as image updates or notifications when your ad begins to produce results, such as an offer or sale.

Multiple versions of your ad: You can create up to 6 different versions of your ad. It is important that the call-to-action buttons, text, and other creative details are based on information from your page. As soon as your ad becomes active for some time, we will automatically show the most effective version.

A recommended budget based on your goals: Facebook will recommend a budget that will most likely give you results depending on your goal. You can also specify your own budget, and Facebook will share the expected results.

Facebook Automated Ads: Targeting

Let's talk for a moment about targeting, the default targeting option for your Automated Facebook ads. This type of campaign is intended for all website visitors and is similar to this audience with increasing interest.

facebook automated-ads help small businesses Targeting Tricks tips 2019

It really got me very interested, since I used it for several small e-commerce campaigns when there was not enough data to add to the cart or purchase for work and guess what? It worked very well.

facebook automated-ads help small businesses  Targeting Tricks tips 2019

When the frequency of advertising increases, this leads to a decrease in click-through rate (CTR) due to fatigue of advertising. With a lower CTR, you have to pay more for each impression, which leads to a decrease in campaign effectiveness. This automatic rule will disable the selected campaign level when the CTR drops below the target percentage (for example, 5%) along with two other matching conditions: Frequency> 2 CTR <5%

facebook automated-ads help small businesses rules Tricks tips 2019

Results Score is the percentage of the results you received from all views of your ads. For example, if you get 2 results from 100 views, your rate will be 2%.
This rule allows you to disable campaigns, ad sets and ads if the following conditions are met:
The rate of the result falls below X% (in this case 2%).
Shows in the range of yesterday exceed 3000.

facebook automated-ads help small businesses Tricks tips 2019

Facebook also offers easier ways to integrate video into advertising campaigns. New video features provide a simple mechanism for adding overlays of images and text. In addition, using the new video editing features, users can automatically trim the video to fit different environments.

Automated Ads run continuously to learn what performs better for your plan. You won't be able to set an end date, but you can pause or delete your Automated Ads at any time.

It's good. This is a quicker way to launch something than creating a campaign in the ad manager, and there are enough settings, such as key parameters, such as URL parameters and the target audience, with relatively little knowledge required.

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