Use Facebook Audience Insights For Better Targeting

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Facebook Audience Insights is one of the most powerful tools for audience research, and it's free. Every advertiser should use this..

Audience Insights gives you the opportunity to learn more about a specific audience. This tool is designed to enable advertisers to more effectively target their ads , but you can use this tool to explore your audience, even if you do not advertise it. This data can help you improve your overall marketing strategy on Facebook, including stronger buyers, more attractive content and more in-depth research on competition.

Facebook may be limited to your audience on the platform itself, but you can add information from your CRM to Facebook Advertising Manager to create customized audiences to help pick an audience for your ads.

How to Find Audience Insights

First go to your Facebook Ads Manager account, where you will see the "Advertising Manager" in the upper left corner of the screen. As soon as you click on this, you will see the "All Tools" button in the lower right corner of the Advertising Manager tab. From there, you will see the Audience button in the Plan category.

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This will lead you to the main screen where you will be asked to learn more about three different audiences. If you have not set up your business on Facebook yet, you will need to create your business page before diving into these steps.

Step 1: Choose your audience.

When you first open Audience Insights, you will most likely be prompted to select an audience to begin with. Facebook has a third option that allows you to look at a wider set of data based on specific interest groups and various Facebook pages.

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If you have a very large fan base or user audience, you can start by analyzing them.

Step 2. Build your target audience demographics

As you can see, the default location is United States. If the audience you want to look at is based on the UK (or any other country), you can change this by typing in the location field and selecting the appropriate country.

The Audience Insights control panel consists of two sections. In the left column, you select the target audience characteristics. The right side of the page shows graphs and charts related to your audience, including a comparison with the general audience of everyone using Facebook.

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Every time you make a choice to refine your audience, the graphs and percentages on the right side of the screen are updated automatically so that you can always see how your choice affects the available audience.

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You can add as many countries as you like, or leave this field blank to view Facebook demographics around the world. If you run a local business , being in a difficult place, you most likely want to choose only your city or state.

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Understanding Facebook allows you to segment your audience by age, gender, interests, people associated with your page, and more complex data, such as behavior, language, education, work, etc.

If you can enter them in the interests section in the left column, you can show them ads. The Interests option is a great way to reveal information about competitors or industry.

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Click on the items in the drop-down menu and you can refine your settings even more. You should get as much information as possible based on information that you know about your existing customers.

Step 3: Analyze Top Categories and Page Likes

It's time to explore the tabs at the top of the Facebook Audience Insight tool to see what our audience looks like. The tabs at the top of the Audience Insights tool provide additional information about the audience.

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Here you can learn more about what people from your chosen audience already like on Facebook. Now that you have selected their location and the pages to which they are moving, let's move on to the other 6 parameters.

The six available tabs consist of:

Demographics Demographic information provided by Facebook Audience Insights is based on information received from users over 18 years of age. It includes age and gender, broken down by the percentage of each gender and age group that make up the number of your pages.

Page loves An advertiser can use page likes data in two ways provided by Facebook. First, he can answer the questions: Which page categories are most interesting for my target audience ? What pages interest my chosen audience?

Location Shows the best cities, countries and languages ​​of your chosen audience compared to the entire Facebook population in your country.

Activity The Activity tab shows how audience members use Facebook, how often they exchange messages, what devices they use to access Facebook, etc.

Household The “Household” tab contains important information about our audiences, such as household income, home ownership status, the market value of the house, and spending methods.

purchase Advertisers can use the column labeled "Compare" to determine which product categories their customers are more likely to purchase. it also depends on the past buying behavior and buying methods.

As with all other audience ratings, use this information to help create detailed, purchasing identities and make informed advertising decisions.

Step 4: Save your audience.

After you have made your choice for your target audience , click “Save” at the top of the page and name your audience in a pop-up window. If you plan to create many audience segments, you may want to save each audience profile in an Excel spreadsheet.

You can then find this data in the Power Editor and select it in your campaigns. You can also use the Open option to the left of the save to access the previously saved audience.

Final Thoughts

I hope this post has provided some light on how you can use Facebook Audience Insights to improve your PPC efforts. It helps you find the types of goals you want to combine to select the right pictures or videos you want to show your people to ensure the most participation in your advertising campaigns and social networks. With millions of advertisers on Facebook , if you can find a unique targeting angle that can give you a real edge over your competitors.

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