Create a Facebook pixel and add it to your website

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The Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website..

Facebook pixels are a special algorithm for redirecting website visitors to track website conversions, such as sales. Each pixel is customizable. Thus, we can have as many Facebook pixels as we want to depend on our sites.

Pixel is a javascript fragment that you add to your site’s code. This is your analytical tool. But it's not as hard as it sounds.Pixel can track the interaction of all visitors to your website after they click on your ad. At a basic level, it tracks every page view on your site by a Facebook user. This allows you to:

  • Track-specific actions and referrals on your site.
  • Build custom audience lists to run campaigns retargeting users of your website

The purpose of Facebook's pixel is to help you learn more about people interacting with your content. You can use this valuable information to create products and content that are better suited for this audience.

To set up a Facebook pixel, you first need to create an ad manager account, which we'll explain in the next section. So do it if you haven't done it yet.

Select "Pixels" in the "Facebook Event Management" in the upper left corner of the Advertising Manager menu

facebook Creat new campaign Targeting Tricks tips 2019

Finally, click Create Pixel. Call it what you want and start downloading the code.

On the next page, click the green button Create pixel to start the process.

facebook Creat new campaign Targeting Tricks tips 2019

give a name to your pixel, then enter your website URL, and click Create.

facebook Creat new campaign Targeting Tricks tips 2019

when you Click “Set Up Pixel”. A new pop-up menu will appear in front of you and asking how you want to install it. There are three ways to add the Facebook pixel to your website: Go ahead and choose “Install Manually”.

facebook Creat new campaign Targeting Tricks tips 2019

For your pixel to work properly, it must be displayed on every page of your site or in a template of your site in order to install it on your entire site. The best place to put the code is in the global header of your site. Find the in your code or find the header template to update the global header. Paste your Facebook pixel code in the middle of the headline code, after and before .

With just a few clicks, you can activate a Facebook pixel on your website, track conversions, and start creating a custom audience for almost any parameter you want - whether it's visited web pages, viewed products and content, or custom and dynamic events.

The main advantages of using pixel advertising on Facebook:

  • Tracking conversions that occur on the Facebook platform, for example, on your website
  • Get more information about the ROI of your Facebook campaign
  • Creating an advanced remarketing audience and similar audiences
  • You can use a Facebook pixel to get an idea of ​​both your current and potential audience,In particular, you have the advantages of Facebook Analytics for determining browsing and purchasing. You can set up remarketing campaigns ,for past customers who converted via advertising on Facebook, or users who visited your website or specific web pages by clicking one of your ads on Facebook .

    Your Facebook pixel helps you bet specifically for conversions on Facebook. After collecting enough data on potential Facebook clients and on Facebook clients, your ads will be shown only to those users who are most likely to be able to convert or buy something on your website.

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