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When setting up your Lead Ad campaign keep the following in mind: Leverage Lookalike Audiences of your existing customers. Set up 'Appointment Scheduling' for follow up. Use manual bidding for leads of lesser value. Add the Facebook Pixel to your website. Set up conversion tracking on your website.

Facebook Ads are one of the most powerful tools available to businesses to grow their customer base. Most people think that photos and targeting are the secrets to success. I can surely tell you that There are no Facebook ads without some text.

This isn’t a medium where you can let the image speak for itself and expect results. you have to describe by adding some text on it. Decide who your Audience are you have to be crystal clear about who you want to target Not only does defining your market segment help you choose the right

It’s actually pretty simple: I have a system for the actual creation of the copy, and five rules for writing great ad copy that I stick to every single time. And they’re about to become your own guidelines for writing your own ads that get quality clicks.

Start with the Image

Your copy needs to somehow relate to your image.If readers can’t quickly and easily understand what you’re trying to tell them, they’re not sticking around for long to find out.

Use as little image text as possible, if at all. Facebook only allows text to occupy 20% or less of your image. Images with more text get less exposure.

facebook-ads-copy, advertising Targeting Audience target Tricks tips 2019

The headline needs to match up with or echo the on-image text

Users will see your image first, your copy second. Make sure your image is relevant to your entire ad message.


The headline is most likely what a user will see second, after the image. As such, this becomes a huge focus for your copy creation.

Use numbers Vianinja found that headlines including numbers were, by far, the most successful, with 36% of readers prefering them Choosing a headline with a number in it gives some assurance that even if the author is crazy, you’ll get to see “7 Ways to Be a Better Sous Chef”. There should be at least one or two steps worth reading even if the others miss the mark.

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Make it clear and concise – Long-winded headlines can be full of weak words. Remove excess words and keep only those that are meaningful. Do this and your main message becomes clear.

Create a sense of urgency Adding Urgency is just one factor to consider. You should also look at the quality of the agreement that you are offering (50 percent off a premium product) or just 5%?) And as well as a remarkable feature to fulfill. Nothing gets interested readers to take action like the thought of missing out on something good. After all, we’ve all heard of FOMO— fear of missing out.

Add Supporting Text (the Body Copy)

Focus on the important info. With people endlessly scrolling through the posts in their News Feed, this leaves little time to stop and read your post. Make sure that you have included all the important information early on. You can have as many as 90 characters in your body copy, but a 40-character limit is regularly touted as best-practice for good results. In general, shoot for short and sweet.
Below is an ad by Lisa Larter whose copy and image complement one another.

facebook-ads-copy, advertising Targeting Tricks tips 2019

Include a Call-to-Action

Call of action help a business convert a viewer, visitor, or reader into a lead for the sales team. CTAs can drive a variety of different actions depending on the content's goal. CTA" in the top blue of your ad "title" text.

facebook-ads-copy, advertising, Targeting, call-to-Action, Tricks tips 2019
This is the most important part of your ad. This CTA doesn't commit a person to purchase. Rather, it invites them to receive updates from the company. The most important element of your ad is to convince people to click on. If you have a good picture, it will attract people's attention. But the CTA where people will actually stop and click their decision.

Test Ad Copy

Split testing is a very important part of Facebook ads split testing can compare Two similar but different versions of ads
(e.g., a Facebook post or ad, landing page design, etc.). When each version is published, you track its performance and determine which one provides the best results related to your goals. You keep the one that’s working.
To find the right copy for your ad, you've probably spent a lot of time analyzing the market. You know what your competitors are doing and have chosen a targeted audience that you can complete.

facebook-ads-copy, advertising split-test-facebook-ads, target Tricks tips 2019

A/B test different ad copy, ad copy length, and jargon to better understand what makes people click.

Unless you've already created a lot of Facebook advertising campaigns for your product, it will be very difficult for you to see which ad designs work better for you or what demographic audience your products You will be more likely to buy. It is that A / B testing comes easy: You can target the audience to test the maximum advertising design and expose the most effective people.

View Ad Relevance Score

Your Relevance Score is important because it determines both your cost per click on Facebook and how frequently Facebook shows your ad. It's their way of telling you one of two things: either “hey, your ad kicks ass” or “get outta here with that junk.”On the aspect of writing content, writing your compatibility to write according to the audience of your audience. Once you check the different elements of your ad, especially your copy, to see what works.
Facebook compatibility scores and new related diagnostics help you understand the needs and needs of your target audience, rather than just your success or failure. If you know how to use these scores well, you can learn from ads you own.

facebook-ads-copy, advertising Targeting, relevance-score-performance-2019 Tricks tips 2019

Without advertising copy , your ad will be very confused. Users will not know what to do with it. Users will not have any reason why they should stop and pay attention.

With the ad copy, you provide that reason. You provide the essential why. You answer the customer's most loved ones: "How does this benefit me?"

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