Most Powerful Strategies For Advertising On Facebook

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Here we provide the best Facebook advertising strategy to help you get clicks and visitors. it will help you To Increase Revenue And Site Visits. this time Facebook Ads is the most useful platforms for advertising

Facebook is considered one of the most popular advertising channels on the Internet, and 51% of all advertising expenses in the USA are spent on digital advertising. If you're not sure whether Facebook advertising is right for you, just let the data speak for itself:

Understanding the basics of advertising on Facebook can help you avoid common mistakes that cost time and money. Increase your chances of success with a little help from Vianinja. Experienced Vianinja specialists can create and manage Facebook advertising campaigns designed to raise awareness or attract new customers.

The following will help you prepare a solid Facebook advertising campaign:

Facebook Ad Objective, advertisement

Understanding how to use Facebook ads will help you create a successful and effective advertising campaign.

Determine the Right Facebook Ad Objective

Advertising objectives on Facebook are important, as they change how your ads work on a mechanical level, as well as ordering how Facebook displays your ads. The objectives should be focused, clear and unambiguous. Being specific sets expectations at the same level and helps to get everyone on the same page. It is also easy to measure specific objectives.

The Facebook Add Objective defines what you want to accomplish with a specific Facebook advertising campaign (which may include multiple ads within it), and then help Facebook optimize its ads to see your results. There are several objectives you can choose when advertising on Facebook, which can be confusing, so Facebook has distilled these objectives into three pillars

Facebook Ad Objective, advertisement

To show successful advertising on Facebook, you must first answer this question:

• What do you want from your ads?
• Want more followers?
• More sales?
• More interaction?

facebook-ads, Facebook Ad Objective

No matter what your goal is, Facebook has a marketing goal for you! choose a goal that you consider important.

The best way to determine your campaign goal is to step back from your goal. For example, if your goal is to increase sales for your e-commerce business, you can offer people a 10% discount on the first order to encourage them to make a purchase.

Making the Most of Your Budget.

Allocate a budget and time for initial testing, as well as for long-term advertising on Facebook. You do not want to spend money on advertising that is poorly converted. Your initial testing budget should be no more than one-tenth of the total advertising budget. Run each version of your ad for a short time to see if one version is superior to the other.

Budget, Campaign-Budget-Optimization

Your daily budget for advertising on Facebook has a minimum budget of just $ 5 per day. Increasing your daily budget increases the number of people who see your ad, however

Depending on what you charge to get the following options:
  • If you decide to charge for impressions, the minimum budget required is 1 $ / day.
  • If you choose to charge for clicks, video views, etc., the minimum budget is set at $ 5 / day.
  • If you want to charge for events such as offers, app installs, etc. the minimum required budget is $ 40 / day.
strategy-advertising, cost

Finally, after creating your local marketing budget, you’ll want to track the return on investment — whatever that investment ends up being.

For example, a budget of $ 10 per day can provide content from 940 to 2500 people every day, depending on the preferred characteristics of the audience. Read more in our article on advertising costs on Facebook .

In this regard, Facebook recently announced that they are moving towards optimizing the campaign budget for all advertisements in September 2019. In theory, this should mean good news for brands that will help them squeeze more out of their advertising budgets.

Mobile advertising Strategies

More than 90% of revenue from advertising in social networks accounts for mobile advertising. This means that most users scroll through their news feeds and chat with friends using their smartphones (sometimes tablets).

If you do not know how to effectively advertise on Facebook, the first thing you should pay attention to is creating mobile ads.

facebook-ads, facebook-strategies

Facebook ads are specifically designed for mobile traffic, and you don’t need a landing page to build potential customers. Instead, when people click on your ad, Facebook automatically fills out a subscription form with their data, making the registration process quick and easy. Advertising on canvas on Facebook provides mobile users with a deep and fast download. You can combine videos, still images and CTA buttons and create attractive landing pages on Facebook that load in a split second. These ads offer mobile user experience that the website cannot provide.

Even with bids 4x that of desktop, their actual mobile CPC is still considerably cheaper than it is on the desktop:

strategies, facebook-ads

Mobile advertising is a must in 2019. But it’s not enough to just do it. Advertisers need to do it well—with reach, precision audience targeting, and at scale. is the solution for advertisers’ mobile needs.

Spread your content

Provide free content to warm the audience. Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to differentiate your business and warm up a cold audience. Provide free valuable content that entertains, educates or inspires your ideal client. You can use videos, lead magnets (guidebooks, checklists, coupons, etc.) Or blog posts, staying in line with the creation of your content. If you can publish something great at least once a week, over time you will create an idea of ​​what content works better and what doesn't, which pleasantly leads to the next item.

facebook-ads, content-strategies

Create a mix of content that combines promotional posts with posts that value, educate and entertain. And when you include a CTA, keep it simple.

The Facebook news feed algorithm rewards active advertisers and engaging content. The more responses, comments and shares your post gets, the better its reach. This goes for both organic and Paid

facebook-ads, strategies

Examine the analytics to see which posts work best based on your goals. What unique attributes does this most effective post possess? Is it short? Longer content? Video? Does it contain an image with a person? Is it about a specific topic? Then focus your promotion on what’s working best and double down on creating more content like that.

Add Facebook Pixel

The Facebook tracking pixel is the JavaScript code in the header of a website that allows website owners to track shoppers who take action after clicking on their ads. Advertisers can use that data to retrieve those visitors and deliver targeted advertising messages to Facebook.

Retargeting site visitors. If you set a Facebook pixel on your website, you can target people who have recently visited your site.

facebook-ads, pixel-code-ad

If a Facebook pixel is not currently implemented on your site, you can generate it by going to your Facebook advertising manager and clicking the drop-down menu in the upper left corner:

Go to your Ad Manager Pixels and check your pixel’s status. The green light means it’s active. You’ll see a graph of the triggered events:

facebook-ads, strategies

Facebook Pixel is a snippet of JavaScript code that you put in the title tag on every page of your site. It is important to track users to create an audience of remarketing and create custom conversions. This is an important component of Facebook advertising campaigns.

Facebook Ad Placements Strategy

After selecting your ad audience, select 'Change Placements' to determine where and when you want to show your ad and how much to pay for this placement.

You can currently choose from 15 different placement options . Facebook has updated how they do placements so that they can be easily understood.

facebook-ad-campaign, facebook-pixel

Choose whether your ad will appear on on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and/or Messenger. These are known as platforms and within each platform are a series of placements. Then select a budget and determine how long your ad will run and how many people will see it each day.

You can use two options for choosing placements:

You should Always select Edit Placements so that you are intentional about where your ads are showing up

ad-strategies, facebook-ad-strategies

Automatic placements. The system places your ad in placements, where it will be shown in the best way depending on your budget and advertising content.

Change placements. You set placements manually, which can reduce the coverage of your publications, but it can also save budget

Which option to choose? It depends on your goal. If you want to increase your brand awareness, the first option would be an excellent choice.

Split testing

You can almost always increase your conversion rate by testing these ads separately. Which is better lead magnet; improve it, A / B test more and improve again, then continue this process. It’s pretty easy to turn most break-even ad campaigns into effective ones.


To segment your Facebook posts, write a pair of updates that you can test against each other. The key is to change only one or two elements so you have a good idea of what’s motivating any increases in engagement. For example, take your best ad, make copies of it and change the title of each version. You now have several identical ads, except for the title, which you can check.

Take your best ad on Facebook and duplicate it, except for the title, to see which answer gets the best answer. After you determine which ad will get the best response, make copies of it and test another item, such as a description or image.


A / b testing is a great new option for advertisers that helps uncover the highest-performing creative. By using this feature and dynamic creative feature, advertisers are much better equipped to do better performing creative tasks.


Optimize your advertising on Facebook, creating a target audience, increasing brand involvement in attractive content and attracting people to your website or store using conversion advertising.

Before you create your campaigns on Facebook, take the time to define your campaign strategy and determine where you can use Facebook ads in your sales funnel to grow your business.

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