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This is the difference between opening a phone book and cold calling prospects and making a call to someone who called you first.

Retargeting is a highly effective marketing tool that targets your Facebook ads , to people who have already shown interest in your site. This allows you to focus on the people in the market and remind them how good your product is or why using your service is the right decision.

Many visitors will come to your site and, although they may be interested in making a purchase, they will go away empty-handed. Sometimes they are broken, sometimes a bad time, but most often this happens because we still prefer desktop rather than mobile shopping.

The first step is to make sure you set your Facebook pixel correctly.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google have pixels that can be used in various ways to redirect your customers. However, we found that Facebook pixel is the most effective way ,of retargeting, so we are introducing Facebook retargeting as part of each of our client campaigns.

Read How to create a Facebook pixel and add it your website

step 1 Log into your Facebook Advertising Manager and select Audiences. Audiences can be found in the drop-down menu if you click "Business Manager" in the upper left of the screen.

step 2 Again, you will find "Create an audience" in the upper left corner of the screen. For retargeting, we will select a user audience that will allow us to set up a campaign that will cover people who have visited the website.

step 3 You have several options here, but for retargeting we are going to focus on website traffic to reach people who have come to your website.

step 4 Choose your target audience, from the drop-down menu that allows you to create your audience. You can target the following:

People who visit certain pages

custom audience facebook visit specific Tricks tips 2019

This allows you to create an audience based on people who have visited a particular page or page that contained the keywords you defined.

People visiting certain web pages but not others

facebook custom audience who visit specific web-pages Targeting Tricks tips 2019

You can also include or exclude certain pages. This parameter is useful for excluding target people who have already performed the required action. This allows you to create an audience based, on people who have visited a particular page or page that contained the keywords you defined.

People who have not visited a certain amount of time

custom audience facebook visit specific visited Targeting Tricks tips 2019

This selection allows you to create an audience from anyone who has visited your site (or since you started tracking with a pixel,) for the last 1-180 days.

Custom combination

facebook facebook cart costom recovery campaig tips 2019

You can include all website visitors who have visited your product pages but exclude everyone who has also visited one or several thanks pages since you do not want to reconfigure them if they are already purchased.

facebook retargeting option provides you to use a video ad for the first ad because it gives you a great opportunity to tell the story of your brand.

facebook custom audience facebook video ads Tricks tips 2019

Facebook Retargeting can be used in several ways and depends on your advertising goals or objectives., In advertising retargeting, there are four main objectives: to raise awareness, create a reminder, close a sale and propose a repeat business. When retargeting is used in conjunction with your advertising goals, advertising becomes very effective and increases your ROI.

There are more compelling reasons why retargeting is so important. I promise that these reasons will be shorter.

  • 72% of online shoppers (on average) leave their cart before placing an order.
  • Retargeting is so important because you can make a list of valuable users. If they have been converted before, and you have another convincing proposal, there is a high probability that they will be converted again.
  • Remarketing provides well-placed and well-targeted ads to attract your customers, to your site when they are most interested.
  • Without retargeting, only 8% of these customers will return to complete the purchase.
  • Visitors to the website where display ads are redirected are 70% more likely to convert.
  • Retargeting can help you understand where the largest percentage of your retargeting conversations come back after leaving your site.
  • About 60% of online shoppers say they have noticed advertisements for products that they viewed after they left the site.
  • 46% of search marketing experts believe that retargeting is the most undervalued marketing technology.

The difference between retargeting and remarketing

Retargeting and remarketing effectively pursue the same goal - to close sales, using warm offers. The main difference is the delivery of advertising with delivery. Remarketing typically uses email to communicate with hot clients,

Difference Between Retargeting and Remarketing facebook ads 2019
while retargeting uses advertisements such as Facebook to receive hot offers. Retargeting tends to outpace remarketing because users are more susceptible to advertising on Facebook, than to unwanted messages.

Advertising campaigns on retargeting on Facebook ensure that you give your visitors what they need most when they need it most, and at the same time solve your business tasks much more efficiently. Advertising retargeting is a powerful way to attract new customers by strategically focusing on advertising, on the needs or intentions of potential customers. This is a great business opportunity to create more successful advertising on Facebook and get a higher return on investment.

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