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Adsense is Google’s Advertising placement service. It allows website owners to display sponsored Ads on their Website. In exchange of a place on the website, google pays you. You can choose to earn either from the number of impressions or from the Clicks on the Google Ads. In another way If you own or manage a website, blog, or forum, AdSense can help you earn from your content.

How It Works?

Adsense works on keywords basis. Google fetches the past activities of the End User and display Ads according to the interest.

Google generate revenue from the advertisers who promotes on google’s advertising platform. Google receive the Ad details from the Advertiser. AdSense uses such Artificial Intelligence that it fetches the publishing website content nature. And based on the website content nature, Google starts to displays Ad as per the user’s interest. Google Adsense pay publishers on the basis of two factors ie. CPM, and CPC basis.

What is CPM?

Cost per Thousand Impressions is a marketing term in used for Advertising.

  • The advertisers pay publishers a certain amount based on 1000 impression. Amount for the displayed Ads is set by Google itself.
  • Let’s say Google sets $3/CPM which means publisher will get $3 for every 1,000 impressions of its ad.

What is CPC

Cost-per-click is the amount you earn every time an end user clicks on your Page's Ad is known as CPC.

  • The publishers get paid by the advertiser for every click on the displayed Ad.
  • Let’s say advertiser has set $2/click which means publisher will get $2 for every click on the published Ad.
  • Advertisers set their own pay rate for different Ads.
  • Thus the Ad cost varies as per the choice of brand owners.

For Google AdSense you must have:

To start with Google Adsense you must have a Website/Blog, active email, valid postal address and you must age 18+.

How can I apply for Google AdSense?

  • Visit
  • SignUp and register yourself with valid information.
  • You can also choose to register yourself with the existing Gmail Account. Make sure the personal information in the email is correct and valid, if not sure please check it.
  • Using Google Apps for your domain, Increases the chance of getting AdSense approved.
  • Enter your website address and select the content language. Do not forget to click on the save button before continuing with the next step.
  • Enter your valid information in the Country, Time Zone, Account Type, Payee Name and Postal Address section. Also check on all the boxes which defines that you accept all the Google Adsense policies.
  • As Google review application and agrees to share Adsense on your website. It will send you the verification pin via post on your postal address.
  • Once you receive the pin, enter the correct pin in Adsense Account Verify Now Section.
  • As you receive a message and an email confirmation from the AdSense department. YOU ARE READY TO ROCK!!!

Note: Make certain that you read and understand the Google Adsense policies. Give Policy confirmation only when you completely agree with the AdSense Policies.


Google’s AdSense is one of the popular methods to earn money online. It promotes unique content which can be in a form of blog, webpage or a website. Google shares a part of the revenue generated from these ads. Revenue is only shared when the visitors either creates an impression on the Ad or Clicks on the Ad. As Google has all the rights to suspend your account in case of policy violation. Thus, It is important to follow the policies of the AdSense and comprehend the policies before its application on the web page.

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