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It is a very common question for every Marketer to know the differences between Facebook ads and Google AdWords and when to use it. Keep reading to learn all about Advertising | PPC Advertising.

Facebook Ads and Google AdWords both provide businesses with fantastic opportunities to reach more people and increase leads. Most advertisers spend money on at least one of these platforms. Success varies and depends on many factors. Facebook ads are considered paid social; Ads are displayed in users' social media feeds. Google ads, however, are search ads that are displayed in Google's search results. Both platforms have billions of users and large-scale data sets that help companies get their ads in front of their ideal customers.

Google performs more than 40,000 search queries every second, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day, while Facebook is the world's largest online social network, with more than 1.6 billion monthly active users.

So, when it comes to Google ads vs. Google ads, which platform is better?

Both are great, and yes one can be better than the other depending on your business, your audience, and your goals. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Here’s how to make the right choice for your business.

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When it comes to the primary difference between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, you can think of it this way: AdWords helps you find new customers, while Facebook helps new customers find you.

What are Google Ads?

Google AdWords is the largest and most popular PPC advertising platform in the world. AdWords is widely used, synonymous with the term "paid search". Google has optimized its platform well to deliver the best results to its users and its advertisers.

It offers two types of advertising: search network (search advertising) and display network advertising. The good news is that both of these ad networks are equally powerful and have their purpose.

Google is the world’s largest search engine. Bing and those other ones are a distant second, third, and fourth.

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Paid search focuses on the targeting of keywords and the use of text-based ads. Advertisers using AdWords bidding on AdWords - specific terms and phrases are included in search queries entered by Google users - in the hope that their ads will be shown along with search results for these queries.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook advertising is a great way to generate awareness and interest in your product. If people don't know about your existence, they may not be interested in what you have to sell and they won't search for your product or brand.

Facebook has more than two billion monthly active users. You can find almost any target or niche market on the platform.

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On the other hand, Facebook is more like a cold-selling approach. They are on Facebook to connect with their friends and family. Therefore, you have to get their attention and encourage them to take action like buying or signing up. It is a bit more work to sell to those who are not selling.

Facebook has become a highly competitive and potentially attractive element of the digital advertising strategies of many businesses.

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Facebook Advertising vs. Google AdWords: Target Distinction

Both Facebook and Google have a large audience of active users that you can target with ads. But Facebook's audience targeting is exactly what sets it apart from Google ads. Facebook has Instagram and Google has YouTube, Google Maps, Blogger, Google Play, Android, Chrome, Gmail and others.

On Facebook, you have more control over who sees your ads. Facebook has a wealth of data and knows an impressive amount about its users — life events, interests, behaviors, and more. “Facebook has a huge database of information that is literally given to consumers by themselves. Such specific audience targeting is not possible with any other ad network, including AdWords.

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To show how deep and precise you can go in your Facebook audience targeting ,

With Facebook ads, you can target people based on:
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • Demographics
  • Connections
  • This makes Facebook marketing and advertising effective, despite the lack of the same level of audience intent as Google advertising. Google ads provide some core demographic-based goals, but mainly rely on keyword searches to display ads to the right audience.

    At Google, users are actively searching for a specific product or service, or the answer to a specific question. If you can provide the exact information they’re looking for, they are more likely to purchase your product or service or engage with your brand.

    If you do not know who to target . You need to know who is most likely to buy your product. At Google, users are actively searching for a specific product or service, or the answer to a specific question. If you can provide the exact information they are looking for, they are more likely to buy your product or service or engage with your brand.

    google-adword, difference

    Google ads primarily target people who type in Google's search engine, so you don't need to know who your audience is to bring your ads to interested prospects. Google ads appear at the top of the same search results pages, which are similar to organic search results; They appear based on the keywords searched by the user and align those keywords with the ad content.

    For more advanced advertisers, Google offers targeting options to ad viewers, such as remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) and custom affinity audiences. These targeting options are commonly used by marketing teams and PPC management companies, as they are typically beyond the average small business scope

    When you run a Google advertising campaign, you can target audiences or content features:
    • Audience demographics
    • Audience location
    • Content topics
    • Ad placements
    • And more
    • On both platforms, you can also use retargeting to show as that has interacted with your brand. Here’s our article on how you can use retargeting to reach users.

      The Difference in Cost Per Click

      While Google Search Network ads are more expensive per click than Facebook ads, people who click on your ads are more likely to purchase - because they are already searching for what you are offering. Therefore, they are likely to convert at a higher rate than visitors to Facebook ads.

      The metric you need to measure is the cost per acquisition. If CPC is five times less than AdWords on Facebook (say $ .50 compared to $ 2.50), but AdWords converts at a rate 10 times higher (let's say 10% compared to 1%), then this In the scenario, the cost per acquisition on AdWords is $ 25 and CPA on Facebook is $ 50. Thus, even though you pay less per click on Facebook, AdWords is a better advertising platform due to the cost per acquisition


      52% of marketers say that their audience is more likely to engage with their ads on Facebook than on Google. Nevertheless, 45% stated that their audience was more likely to engage with their ads on Google than on Facebook. So when it comes to wooing your audience, the platform is probably a safe bet.

      When to Use Facebook Ads

      Facebook ads are best for businesses seeking to raise awareness of their products or brands - especially among viewers who may not have heard of them before. If your product is new and there is no search around it, then you should use Facebook ads to educate the market and get in front of the audience. I firmly believe that most businesses can use and benefit from Facebook ads. With extensive audience targeting options, Facebook allows advertisers to quickly and concisely introduce themselves to their target audience via text, image, and compelling video ads.

      When to Use Google Ads

      Google ads are best for businesses with a product or service that users know they need and are actively looking for. If you have a product or service, I will try with Google Ads first because you can bid on keywords around your product information. It serves to capitalize on the buyer's intent. These ads primarily target users in the purchase phase, so ad copy that is concise, unambiguous, and highlights the obvious benefits of the product/service will be the most successful.

      Which platform performs the best for your business

      If you are already running both Google Ads and Facebook Ads - or if you plan to run both - and you want to see which platform performs the best for your business, check out this free Facebook ad And Google Ad Dashboard easily compare KPI to both platforms .

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      Facebook advertising and Google AdWords both have countless personal benefits, complementing each other. Many of the most profitable campaigns executed use both Facebook ads and Google AdWords to actually increase their reach and the success of their campaigns and their businesses.


      Facebook advertising and Google AdWords both have countless personal benefits, complementing each other. For new businesses, or for those working to increase their brand awareness, Facebook ads will be the most beneficial, but like Google AdWords, it won't provide the fastest sales.

      While Google is better at getting into intention, Facebook is better with demographics.They simply have more data due to our likes and shares.

      Also, don't forget that YouTube videos can grab a portion of traffic by ranking in Google search results. Don't forget that Google is the owner of YouTube.

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