Which Facebook Ad Objective Should I Choose?

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When choosing a campaign on Facebook, it is important to choose the right advertising target. Setting a goal for your campaign is the first action you took when creating a new campaign..

The moment you go to Facebook Advertising Manager to start a new campaign, Facebook asks which marketing target to choose. In fact, these are the actions that you want people to do after viewing your ad.

Remember that another goal gives a different result. Facebook adjusts your results depending on your choice - which is why you should choose the best advertising goal for Facebook.

Please note that Facebook has different goals that can be broken down into three categories in the Awareness, Consideration and Conversion section.

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Pick the category that works best with where people are in your sales funnel.
Right now, there are 3 categories:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Let’s start with Awareness…

    Awareness objectives

    it is the level at the top of the funnel. When you want people to become familiar with your brand, you run an awareness campaign. Look for opportunities to increase my reach and drive brand awareness.


    The reach objective focuses on reaching the largest audience with your available budget and also allows you to control how frequently your advertisements are shown. If you have an ad you want a large number of people to see and you don’t necessarily need to optimize for any specific action except for having the ad viewed, this is a good one to choose.

    facebook-ads, campaign-objective

    The campaign for the purpose of coverage is designed to ensure that your ad is presented to the largest possible number of people within your advertising budget .

    Brand Awareness

    The goal of brand awareness is to attract new customers to familiarize yourself with your brand and / or increase brand awareness among users who are already familiar with you. This campaign goal is fantastic to stay up to date with your prospects. I often recommend that companies allocate about 10% of their advertising budget to brand awareness campaigns that promote high-quality content.

    facebook-ads,brand awareness ads objective

    This objective will appeal to larger businesses who can afford to run pure branding only campaigns. If you’re a small business however, almost every other objective will produce better and more meaningful results.

    Consideration objectives

    Consideration objectives are a more middle funnel. Consider using these to reach people who may have some interest in what you have to offer and are likely to want to engage or discover more information. You make consideration campaigns when you want people to engage with your brand. We use clicks as our objective at this level because we want to drive traffic to our blog


    The purpose of traffic is to attract people to your site. Facebook will show your ad to those people in your target audience who are likely to click on your link based on their past behavior.

    facebook-ads, ads objective traffic

    If your primary goal is to send people to any part of your website, including products, event information, application forms, or any other landing page, then this goal is a reliable bid.


    The goal of engagement is to enhance engagement with your Facebook page. You will be asked to choose which type of interaction you want to prioritize: post likes, page likes, or responses to events.

    facebook-ads, roi, roas

    Optimizing your campaigns for Engagement means that Facebook will deliver your ads to those people who are most likely to engage with your ad.


    The traffic objective can help get traffic or engagement to your app, but the app installs objective will focus on getting your application installed by more users. This is an excellent choice if you have an app and you want more downloads so that you can engage customers more frequently on mobile.

    facebook-ads, campaign-objective

    Your advert will link out to the appropriate app store where people will then be able to download your app directly from the store.

    Video Views

    Video ads have tremendous potential on Facebook and can provide exceptional results. The purpose of watching a video is to prioritize watching your video. You can measure how many people watch your videos as a percentage (25%, 50%, 75% or 100%), as a number of seconds (3 seconds, 10 seconds or 30 seconds) or as an average time and percentage of your video viewed.

    facebook-ads,ads objective video

    This objective is really good for testing products. Create a video ad using my infomercial video tips, ask people to tag their friends and share it, and you’ll see some interesting results.

    Lead Generation

    This type of advertising is ideal for attracting users without having to leave the Facebook interface. Lead generation announcements work best on e-commerce websites and generate leads for local businesses.

    facebook-ads, roi, roas

    Lead Generation ads are designed to collect information — your name, email address, telephone number, etc. — from your potential customers so you can keep track of them.

    Message campaign

    The purpose of the “Messages” campaign is to start communication between you and your potential customers through Facebook Messenger.

    The main purpose of this ad is to bring people from interest to conversion. It is designed for those who are more likely to respond to the instant messenger. Use this goal to provide customer support or answer questions about your product or service.

    facebook-ads, ads objective messages

    Conversion objectives

    The conversion goals are at the bottom of your funnel and should be used when you want people to register, register, download, buy or visit your store. Conversion campaign goals are when you want to be able to track and measure conversions on your website, Facebook or mobile app.


    Use the “Conversion” goal if your goal is to get people to convert for a specific action, whether it is a subscription, registration or purchase. To optimize conversions, you need to have at least 15-25 conversions per week. These campaigns require that you firstinstall Pixel Facebook on your website to measure conversion.

    facebook-ads, ads objective conversion

    Conversion is used When you want people from Facebook to go to your site and perform certain actions, such as registering for a webinar, downloading a manual or buying a product.

    Catalog Sales

    These campaigns automatically show products from your catalogs on the platform to relevant members of the audience, supporting their involvement and, we hope, encouraging sales. Using the product catalog allows you to dynamically update your ads with the latest product images, prices and text from your website, as well as dynamically redirect people depending on which pages of the website and products they viewed.

    facebook-ads, ads objective catalog

    In the end, this is a dynamic ad, so Facebook lets you decide what will be most beneficial, including sales and cross-selling.

    Store Visits

    Use the Go to Store goal on Facebook if you have multiple offices and want to advertise your business to people nearby. Before you can use this goal, you will need to specify the location of your business in a business manager.

    facebook-ads, ads objective store visit

    This goal only works if you select a location on your Facebook page and keep it up to date. This is a useful goal if you want to reach as many people as possible at a certain distance from your business.

    For this reason, if you are not sure which objects to use, select several different campaign goals to test each other for reaching a specific goal and determine which one is more successful in achieving a predetermined goal.

    Based on our experience, choosing the right campaign goal can work wonders with the results of your advertising on Facebook, . Before you create a campaign, try to think and determine what your real goal.

    Need help with social advertising? Contact us, and one of our experts will be happy to help you and your business.

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