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Don't have an idea why are your Facebook ads not working? Don't give up yet! Here are some most common reasons why small businesses fail with Facebook Ads when you targeting the United States..,

Facebook advertising is one of the largest revenue sources for Facebook, worth over $ 27 billion. Every business owner wants to get their hands on Facebook ads or get their hands on it, but the problem is that more than 60% of small businesses find their paid ads are failing, and a few months of unsuccessful efforts. After, they give UP.

I have seen a lot of companies starting Facebook ads and after a month or two, they shut down. When I asked why they stopped, I got mostly one answer: "Facebook doesn't seem to be just our channel". I have been running many successful campaigns using incredibly powerful tools in Facebook Ads Dashboard.

I have been running many successful campaigns using incredibly powerful tools in Facebook Ads Dashboard.

Here I’m going to show you the most common reasons why small businesses fail with Facebook Ads

Setting unclear goals

There is massive potential to grow your business using Facebook, but if you don’t have a clear vision of how you want to use it or what you want the outcome to be, you will fail.

setting unclear goal , facebook ads

You will also want to determine how much the click and conversion hold is worth on your company. This will allow you to view your campaign in terms of monetary value and compare it with other advertising expenses.

This will help you determine whether the paid promotion on Facebook ads is worth it. To set an engagement benchmark for your company, you have to look at follower count, past engagement rates, engagement of competitors, and overall Facebook goals.

Brand awarenes , facebook ads

Ask yourself many important questions. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Do you plan to retain the interest of the current customer or do you want to bring in leads? The answer to these questions lies in the midst of a strategy that predicts the greatest potential for contemporary business performance and growth for your company. Ultimately, your goal here is to increase the number of customers before expanding your business.

The best way to make people aware of your brand on Facebook is to advertise a piece of content that is both related to your business’s product or service and interesting to your ideal customers.

Content is not relevent

Content marketing is behind the success of Facebook ads. Paid advertising gives your high-quality content an emphasis that will make it visible to a larger audience. Content marketing is essential if you want to be successful, content is the protagonist of your Facebook ads. If your content is of poor quality, the return on investment will fall down, use high quality content regularly to create a successful content marketing post.

content marketeing in US , facebook

Bring videos, e-books, checklists etc. The only thing you should keep in mind while making them is that customers issues should be addressed.

You need to create content that is valuable to the people you target. Ask yourself, what is this material for? Why would they spend time? Will there be anyone who does not know our brand?

If someone reads one of your articles or watches a video on Facebook, you’re able to serve a follow-up ad for additional content. You can make the ad super relevant because you know the viewer already consumed your content.

Targeting the wrong audience

The problem with Facebook ads is that it provides mass reach, but if the right target audience is not selected, conversions will still be poor. Facebook ads help you select the exact preferences of your target audience by their age, gender, geographic locations, and so on.

target specific audience in US , facebook

To make a Facebook ad a success, you need to hit the right target audience , the right content, the copy of the ad or the sweet spot of the scene and test them constantly. It is not enough to know their profession or their marital status to create a successful advertisement. You need to investigate deeply. For example, you need to know more about your customer's best hang-out locations, online; What do they want in life? What else are their deepest fears?

You will need to know exactly, where it is your perfect customer is hanging out online. What it is they are wishing for and what their deepest fears are that you can actually solve!

target wrong audience , facebook

If you know who your ideal customers are, you can find them on Facebook. You just have to use what you know about them.

For example, because my client was in healthcare, we had access to information like:

  • Address
  • Household income
  • Insurance provider
  • Occupation
  • Children

And we used this information as a base for creating our audience.

By drilling down to a super-specific audience, you can ensure that you are spending your advertising budget on ads that are reaching people who actually want to buy from you,

Facebook enables you to set the exact preferences of your target audience. You can set the filter to specific geographic locations, age, gender, and so on. If you have difficulty finding the right target audience, try using the Audience Insights feature available on Facebook for business.

Not using the Facebook business manager

When creating a Facebook page you usually do this with your personal account, but unfortunately, most people stick to it. Instead, first, create a Facebook Business Manager account. This is important in the long run because it will give you more flexibility and control to manage your Facebook page and it gives you the flexibility to scale your business page.

facebook business manager , facebook ads

Facebook Business Manager is a free platform with which you can organize and manage company accounts on Facebook. You can manage various parameters including your pages, advertising accounts, etc. You can also add employees, agencies or other partners to help manage your account. The best thing about this tool is that you don't have to be Facebook friends with colleagues or customers. You can manage everyone's access to your business account from one place

Another issue is that your post will be easy prey to click farms. Meaning, your post will draw a lot of fake interactions, which will bring you no value for your hard-earned money. So, what should you do? Simple! Start using the Facebook ad manager for all your ads!

Not investing enough money

The one mistake I see more than any other are overly complex Facebook ad accounts: too many campaigns, too many ad sets, and too many ads. This leads to confusion, a lack of efficiency, high costs, and in the end, poor results.

how to invest money , facebook ads

Consolidate audiences into ad sets with big budgets. This allows you to feed more data to Facebook, speed up the desired CPA, and then scale more quickly. Set a 1% lookalike of all buyers 365 viewers and a lookalike of people who have landed on your sales page in the last 30 days to a combined audience - a super look of a sort.

how to invest money in facebook, facebook ads

All ads on Facebook are basically just regular posts. The only difference is that you are paying Facebook to maximize your reach.

Facebook enables you to maintain complete control over your money. As an advertiser, you can define how much you want to spend - you have the option of setting a daily budget or limiting the budget over the life of the campaign. You do not need a huge budget to advertise on Facebook.Once you learn the ins and outs of creating audiences and A/B testing ads, you can improve your accuracy, which results in lower costs per action


Paying little attention to optimizing where ads lead

The speed of your website: Just a one-second delay can cause a 7 percent drop in conversions. if your ad loads fast then there are more chances to conversion.

Brand Consistency: Make sure that when people click your ad and come to your website, they don't feel lost. Connecting your audience and the website providing the link to you should both look relevant and relevant to each other

The perceived security of your website: If you need people to sign up or make a purchase (which is most likely when advertising), the perceived security of your website is more important.

Tips for creating effective and attractive Facebook ads include:

  • Choose an Attractive product based image
  • Choose a catchy headline
  • Include actionable text use question-based ads:
  • Test a variety of ad formats:

When creating a Facebook page you usually do this with your personal account, but unfortunately, most people stick to it. Instead, first, create a Facebook Business Manager account. This is important in the long run because it will give you more flexibility and control to manage your Facebook page and it gives you the flexibility to scale your business page.

Most small businesses fail on Facebook advertising because they find it too complicated or do not follow the correct strategy. Improve your chances of success with a little help from http://www.hiredigitalexpert.com/

Experienced professionals at Hire Digital Expert can create and manage Facebook advertising campaigns designed to raise awareness or create new customers

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