What is Facebook Relevance Score and how to Increase it

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The Facebook relevance score shows the audience's response to an ad campaign. when ad receives 500 impressions, Facebook generates a rating of relevancy for it.

The social media platform understood that in order for its advertisers and users to be happy, it would make sense to serve people the ads that are most relevant to them. The Facebook Relevance Score is all about the relevance of your ad to your targeted audience

“Your relevance score estimates how well your ad is resonating with the people you want to reach. The higher your ad’s relevance score, the better it’s considered to be performing.” Relevance Score is Facebook’s measure of the quality and engagement level of your ads. The average relevance score is 5. It is based on other advertisers targeting the same audience.

relavance score, facebooks ads

Therefore, if you have a high relevancy score, this means that you work better than most advertisers who target the same audience by creating ads that are related to these particular people.

What is a good Facebook relevance score?

Ads with a relevance score of 1-3 are rated as unrelated to the audience of your Facebook campaign. Ads with grades 8-10 are rated as very relevant to your audience.

Facebook relevancy rating is a rating from 1 to 10 that shows how well your advertising on Facebook is received by your target audience. As soon as an ad gets 500 impressions, Facebook will generate a relevancy score for it, with 10 being the highest. Thus, a good measure of relevance is a higher measure of relevance: from 7 to 10 is a good number to shoot for.

relavance score,facebooks ads

Your relevancy score is important because it determines both the cost per click on Facebook and the frequency with which your ads appear on Facebook.

Want to raise your Facebook ads relevance score?

In this article, you’ll discover Five ways to quickly and significantly lift your Facebook ads relevance score.

Increase your relevance score with refining Your targeting

If your targeting is not specific enough, try narrowing your audience to a specific location using targeting the location, age, interests, and use of user audiences to reach relevant audiences. Custom audiences can also be created to reach existing customers from your website, mobile app, or other customer lists. And if you use email software such as MailChimp, you can upload lists directly to create an audience.

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Meanwhile, Lookalike Audiences can be created to help you reach people who have similar interests to your existing customers.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating characters for a customer:

  • Demographic information: age, gender, occupation
  • Problems and pain points
  • Customer Feedback
  • You can also use Facebook Insights (a Facebook tool to track advertising interactions) to find out which demographic data has interacted with your publications.

Create effective video ads

Through advertising campaigns with a video ad, you can attract the attention of your target audience in the news feed and create a customized audience to group people based on their interaction with your video content. You can capture the most interested people and target them in your remarketing campaigns.

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On Facebook, you can directly create video ads and use the new video viewing function to show them to people who may find them interesting and take action depending on the CTA video. You can also split-test video content, this will help you improve the relevance rating.

split testing,video marketing,facebooks ads

For example, if you create a 2-minute video and people lose interest in the 1-minute mark. You may want to change the content at this point, which you must remember, that your video must be relevant to the audience.

Increase your relevance rating with A / B Testing

Facebook Split Testing Tool allows you to test different versions of your ads so you can see what is best for improving future campaigns. Currently, you can create a split test by comparing one of four variables — Creative, Optimized Delivery, Audience, and Location — and up to five versions for each test.

split testing,hacks,tricks

Split testing (also called A | B testing) is testing two versions of the same thing (it could be anything from a call-to-action button to copying an advertisement onto an image, elements on the landing page, etc.) To find out which version works best and increase your relevancy score.

split testing,ad placement,facebooks ads

Try running two campaigns with different creatives. Or try a separate campaign for different audiences. The findings you get from these tests can help you keep you informed about future campaigns and keep your data up to date.

Best practices for A / B testing multiple audiences on Facebook

  • Create at least two target audiences with little or no audience overlap.
  • Use the EXCLUDE feature to exclude user audiences (to avoid duplicate audiences).
  • Keep each audience large enough to ensure sufficient results. An audience of 1,000 may not be the best idea for a split test against an audience of 400,000.
  • facebooks ads

    Read the full article on split testing and why it is important.

    Landing Page Optimization for Relevancy

    Including credible social proof (such as video reviews), a convincing copy, a powerful CTA and supporting your landing page stylistically according to your Facebook ads, your ad will not only be relevant, it will be profitable - which is the goal after all.

    landing pages,optimization,facebooks ads

    Optimizing your landing page leads to an increase in conversions and an increase in relevancy score, which increases the profitability of your marketing campaigns based on cost-per-click. Participating in optimizing a landing page has two main benefits for your business: more PPC benefits and better quality scores.

    landing pages,facebooks ads

    Optimizing landing pages by relevance is a complex process that can lead to uncertain results. The requirements for an optimized PPC landing page include:

    • A strong headline that relates to your PPC keyword and ad text and forces the visitor to stay with you.
    • Clean, attractive design that looks trustworthy and professional and fits your brand.
    • Brief, convincing copy, reflecting the value of what you offer.
    • A convenient form of a landing page that does not frighten users.
    • An attractive, push button with a clear call to action.

    Keep your ad frequency to a minimum

    It is recommended not to show users the same ad too many times. Users with advertising fatigue may block or hide your ad, which can negatively affect the performance of your ad.

    ad campaign,target audience,frequency,facebooks ads

    There are several ways to reduce the frequency of ads. First of all, plan on updating content regularly. The second option is to create a user audience with a set of parameters to exclude those who have already been converted.


    Facebook evaluates your advertising images based on the amount of text they contain. If your image contains too much text, Facebook will reduce the reach of your ad. Therefore, if you want to make sure that Facebook considers your advertising images acceptable, do not use overlaid images of more than 20 percent.

    Facebook advertising relevance rating is a key indicator of advertising success. Adjusting advertising campaigns on Facebook to achieve a high score of the relevance of 8 or more can significantly change your results.

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