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Their are multiple prerequisites which you need to pass before becoming popular on the Internet.

What is Viral

Viral is an interesting word which is coined from the disease name Viral fever. As viral flu can affect people with just an infection, the same way viral content keeps multiplying with number or visitors. Viral content can be in the form of video, news, idea, applications, messages, tweet or any information has a potential to get viral using electronic medium.

When you setup your content in such a format that it spreads out loud, clear and purposely accessible. It has high chances of getting into the trending top viewed on the internet.

For getting viral you do not need 1000 words blog or HD video. It exclusively depends on the type of content and its quality which creates an impact on viewers mind thus many a times it happens that even a single statement on twitter can highlight you on Internet.

It is your personal responsibility to own the content you’re about to share. As if the content you share gets viral, their can be two situations in front of you. Either you become a Hero overnight or things can go upside down where people starts to raise questions on you, might put allegations and other hurdles might occur.

Popularity gained through overnight Viral post can lead you to depends on what are you sharing with people, Are you sharing positive news or is it a negative content which you’re using just as a stunt to grab people’s attention.

You’re not late to chase this concept of getting million views a day. The concept of getting viral is less than a decade old. Now-a- days having a million views doesn’t take you to a trending list, competition is so high that trending content has 150 million views or plus in some cases.

Their are multiple prerequisites which you need to pass before becoming popular on the Internet. First thing is to start with locals and then go country wise. Once your content start to show up on Top Trending Page of your social media account then their’s 95% of chances for you attract more attention of the viewers and get shared on another social accounts as well. The more shares, likes, comments and viewers you get the more your content becomes VIRAL on the INTERNET.

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