The Effective Guide to Facebook Carousel Ads

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Carousel ads are a kind of effective advertising format that allows you to display 2-10 photos or videos in a single ad its allow advertisers to reach their target audience with more than one single piece of media

Carousel ads that use multiple images will give users the option to scroll over images in this ad. Having up to 10 photos helps to showcase more of the business's products or services and also helps to tell the story better.

No matter your industry or campaign goals, Facebook Carousel ads helps you better connect with your audience and reach your goals by providing a wider canvas to promote your story, product and service.

Carousel ads allow you to display 2-10 photos or videos in a single ad - each with its own external link. Users can scroll through each image or video by swiping on mobile devices or clicking the left-right arrow on the desktop. Each product or image has its own description and link that takes people to the landing page. Publish a carousel post or ad as an organic story on the wall of your page and/or an ad unit. Easily viewable on either desktop and mobile.

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Facebook gives you the opportunity to automatically improve your carousel ads. You just uploaded some special features and Facebook will automatically choose the best feature for the ad in terms of performance. Easy!

Carousels are not only effective because they encourage the possibility of interacting with your ad, but also because they can give you more space for your brand story products or parts. Are. They are especially popular among e-commerce advertisers for that reason.

When potential customers click on your ad, they are taken to a fullscreen version designed to boost engagement and get people interested in and interested in your product.

how much does it cost?

Carousel ads do not cost differently than other Facebook ads. The format of the ad doesn't matter how much you pay. You can still decide how much you want to spend, just as you would with other ad formats. But remember that your advertising performance and most of your spend depends on how well you target your audience.

How to Set Up a Facebook Carousel Ad

Get started with Ads Manager. You need to select the purpose of your ad, whether it's traffic, product generation or store visits:

facebook ads, carousel ads

Next, create an audience for your ad or select one existing if you've already run one. Follow the campaign creation steps to select your audience, ad space, budget.

facebook ads, carousel ads

You will enter your ad headline, text, CTA, destination URL, and any other requested information. Once you have completed this section, click on the green "Confirm" button at the bottom of the page.

Now, here you really have to choose what kind of ad you are looking to run. Only select "Carousel" as described below:

setup , carousel ads

Click to upload your photo and first fill in the card details. You can also add specific URLs and descriptions for each image. Repeat the above step if you want to add more cards, or click 'Remove' if you want to delete one of the cards. Once you are done and happy with what you have uploaded and entered, click 'Verify'.

Although Facebook Carol Ads is not supported for store visit purposes, you have the option to display a map to enhance local ads. Take this example:

facebook ads, carousel ads,location idea

What are Facebook Carousel's ad formats?

  • In order for the ad to appear properly on all devices, the design is what the suggested design glasses are (and no one will be rejected).
  • Images must be at least 600 x 600 pixels (square)
  • Post/ad text must be around 90 characters.
  • The link caption should be around 25 characters.
  • Each image/product description should be 30 characters long.

Tips for Creating Effective Facebook Carousel Ads

  • Put your strong picture first.
  • The first image in your carousel ad is what your audience will always see, whether or not they swipe through the rest of the picture. So it's really important that this image stops the viewer's thumb and encourages the rest of the ad to be checked.
facebook ads, carousel ads

High-quality photos.

When you're creating a carousel ad on Facebook, it's easy to add photos and videos to your ad without thinking about the purpose of those visuals. When you choose the visual element for your carousel ads, choose a similar visual element to keep your ad consistent. Select high-quality images that contain less than 20 texts.

facebook ads, carousel ads

This is especially important if you intend to turn your carousel post into an ad. Make sure to use the Facebook grid tool to get your image approved. , If you decide to convert the post to a carol ad. This will help your ad stay more focused, keeping your audience engaged. You’ll drive better results with your carousel ads on Facebook if you keep your visual thematic and related.

Do: Mind Your Color Scheme

Colors certainly count as if you were randomly trying to get the attention of someone scrolling through someone's Facebook feed. Although you may not necessarily be attracted to bright or bright colors, doing so will definitely add a lot of excitement to your ads. Check out this colorful carousel inspired by Chipotle

facebook ads, chipolte

Choose the appropriate call to action.

Callers should clearly state that you want your target audience to work. This can be anything from "Learn More" to get users to "Signup" or "Buy Now" to the landing page on Facebook. Choose a CTA that matches the results of your advertising goals .

call to action, carousel ad

Choose the right target audience.

To get your carousel ads in front of the right people, it is a good idea to play with some of the more basic ad styles first, with the simple goal of increasing brand awareness. From there, you can gain insights into your audience, which will help you target demographic populations.

target audience, carousel ad

Take a closer look at post-site conversion rates from carousel ads and compare them to your page's post ad website conversion rates, if this is important to you (and it should be!) ۔ We've found that total conversion rates after carousel ads on Facebook can vary quite a bit between verticals, and the replacement prices for this page ads aren't as good as what you get.

There are a variety of compelling reasons why people shop from one store to another, and Facebook carousel advertising is the best way to drive site traffic as well as showcase the variety that you offer. And showcase specific products or services.

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