Secrets Revealed: Top 7 Tips for Scaling Beyond your Facebook ads

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Facebook ads are a very effective way to put your content in front of your targeted audience. Here I discover seven tips to take the performance of your next Facebook ad campaign to a higher level.. ,

If you are not using Facebook ads to advance your products in front of your target audience, then you are missing a great opportunity.

With Facebook's advertising platform, you've got an audience that shows genuine interest in your offer. You can bring your site to your site by creating irresponsible ads.

Facebook ads are the surest way to put your content in front of your audience. It is cost-effective and easy to use. In just a few steps, you can put your content there, ready to be consumed by your target audience.

You need to focus on making Facebook ad copies that push your audience to take the desired action. You may want to take them to a specific page on your website or complete the purchase of a product (s) they are eyeing. Your Facebook Ad copies should be framed and placed in such a manner that it catches the eye of your audience.

It takes a lot to make a Facebook ad a success - you need the right targeting, a great image or video, and a compelling copy. Today, I am focusing on why writing in Facebook ads matters, as well as some strategies on how you can write great Facebook ads that really change.

Here are Top 7 Tips for Scaling Beyond your Facebook ads

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Here are top 7 professional tips on how you can scale your Facebook advertising while making sure the ROI keeps pace with the campaign budget.

Retarget Your Warm Audience

Facebook retargeting allows you to target specific people with your advertising campaigns who were already with your online brand. You need to prioritize those who are likely to change through a retired advertisement.

Re-targeting creates a warm audience of people who already know about your brand and have interacted with it. You can entice them to buy a product, which they almost do by running a special sale or promotion. This is extra effective since you don’t have to run the promotion for your full audience, just a specific warm audience.

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You can be retargeting to anyone who engages with your Canvas ad. Just go to Create a Custom Audience, select Engagement on Facebook and choose Canvas Ad.

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The cheapest way to build Facebook retargeting audiences is to build video view audiences. A video audience is a list of people who have spent time watching your videos on Facebook or Instagram.

facebook retargeting , video views

Increases in Your Advertising Budget

Budget optimization is different because it assumes that the audience should allocate the most budget, rather than displaying ads for each viewer. Establishing a revenue target for your campaign informs the advertising planning process and helps you more accurately report ROI, or return to advertising spend (ROI).

When you arrive at the Budget and Schedule section of the ad set, your first set is the Daily Budget or Lifetime Budget.The daily budget focuses on hitting fixed numbers where a lifetime budget allows for a slightly more uneven spending on your schedule.

If you want a successful Facebook ad, then you need to keep a healthy budget behind them.

healthy budget for facebook , facebook ads

If you want a successful Facebook ad, a good budget recommendation is at least $ 5 a day. The more you spend, the more people will see your ads.

Not only is there a greater focus on a less-than-stellar idea across industries, but also a broader target audience. The actual size of your audience should vary based on a few things.

For example, if you have at least some basic advertising experience with a good budget, You can probably target one million - two million people

If you achieved an average cost of $ 0.30 per click in the previous month, try this month for $ 0.29. Once you have reached your broken point for profit, look for opportunities to improve your margin by lowering the cost per lead.

Optimize Your landing page

Your landing page should contain elements - such as title, subtitle, and call to action (CTA) - that can be tested and improved. It is a good idea to prepare several different headlines and descriptions before creating your ad. This will make it easier for you to like something instead of making it on the spot.

Your number one priority should be writing a Facebook ad that’s easy to understand—for anyone, even a 5th grader. When someone sees your ad, they should immediately know:

  • What you’re offering
  • How it benefits them
  • What to do next

keep it simple Stupid. Clutter up your landing page with a ton of 'extra' stuff that distracts people from their primary goal.

When you see the logos of Coca-Cola, Apple, AirBnB and Unicef on the landing page of Campaign Monitor, aren't you more inclined to do business with them? This increases the chances of website conversion.

Keep in mind that the copy you write will likely need to be changed for different audience segments even if the offer is the same. Additionally, it's important to try out different combinations and test them to find out which is most effective.

Define Your Target Audience

This is an important step to help you create the right content - content that resonates with the type of people you want to target and expect to consume this content. Keep in mind that reaching your target audience must be more than reaching content to the maximum users. To get the most out of your Facebook marketing efforts, you should aim to grab the attention of your followers and convert them.

target audience, facebook ads

And to achieve that, you need to define your audience personas .

You can use Facebook ads to target all two billion (and counting) users with a single offer. This is not what I mean by “targeting broad audiences.”

target audience, full guide on target audience

Choose Facebook advertising target and audience

Core Audience helps you choose the right recipient for your ad in just a few clicks. You want your ad to be shown to people based on age, location, hobby, or anything else, we can help you connect with people who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Facebook Custom Audience is a targeted advertising service that allows businesses to import user email addresses for retargeting on social media platforms.

Lookalike Audience Lookalike Audience on Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach the same demographic that you've taken before. Viewers don't know you yet, but they have a good chance of becoming your customers.

Once you understand your audience , you'll be able to take full advantage of Facebook's targeting options and conversion-related ad objectives.

Set Clear Objectives

From an advertising point of view, setting objectives is important because it helps you measure results and identify whether your ads and campaigns are following the right direction. Without a clear path to follow, you will never get tangible results.

Facebook requires that you choose a campaign objective to improve your goals for each campaign, which falls under three overarching themes:

facebook ads, ad objective options

Awareness. The first level includes the objectives of businesses that want more people to know about them.

idea. The second level includes the objectives of businesses that want to engage users with them.

Conversion. The third level includes the objectives of businesses that potential customers want to become real customers.

facebook ads, set clear objective

Facebook offers several options for advertising purposes. Your job is to ensure that you advertise correctly with the same objectives in the same campaign. If you have multiple advertising objectives, you cannot create multiple campaigns. This will help keep them simple and different, making it easier for you to check how they have performed later.

Facebook pixels

Facebook Pixel allows you to track how people interact with your ads and your website. You can see what ads people click on to visit your website, which pages of that website they click on, and even what kind of device they are using. This can help you know which of your ads are most effective and whether mobile or desktop users click on your ads more.

facebook ads, create pixel

Facebook Pixel provides important information that you can use to create better Facebook ads, and better target your ads. Facebook tracking pixel data helps ensure that your ads are seen by the people most likely to take the action you want. With this you can improve your Facebook ad conversion rate and get better ROI. You also need pixels to track metrics like cost-per-conversion or cost-per-conversion.

Select the event code you want to track and click in the code box to copy it. Then place the event code on the relevant pages of your website.

events codes, facebook pixel

Click Next to go to the next step Go to your Ad Manager and choose Pixel. If the pixel position is active, the pixel is correctly set up. The status update may take up to 20 minutes.

And if you use Shopify , the analytics tool is even easier to implement. You go to your Facebook Business Manager, copy the Pixel ID – not the code, just the ID – and then drop it into your Shopify store preferences:

shopify , facebook pixel

It makes sense that installing the Facebook Pixel is as straightforward as copying and pasting

Read our Article On Improve Facebook Ad Performance with Facebook Pixel

Create split tests to optimize your spend

If you run the test then the only way you can improve your Facebook ad copy. Facebook makes it easy to spend small amounts to try things

A / B segmentation testing is when you make several different variations of the same advertisement to find out what works and what doesn't. It is used to single out the most effective elements that can then be combined into an optimal advertisement.

ab test, split test , facebook ads

Audience: Facebook split testing is only available to saved viewers. If you do not currently have any saved audiences, you must install them before starting the partition test.

Placement: Finally, you can run a split test on the placement. You can select automatic placements or customize placements to define where your ads will appear. You can test two custom placements against each other, but Facebook advises against doing so

Because of this, you need to test everything possible about your ads. This includes:

  • Ad format
  • Including targeting, retargeting, and the strategies you are using
  • Factors such as video length or number of images
  • Visual components (including images, multiple images and videos)
  • The copy, the styles of the copy, the message, the offer, and the appeal that you are going for.

“With Facebook split testing, I think it is going to provide more conclusive results. I think it will be very valuable for us and our clients in helping to guide what we can learn about existing campaigns.”


Facebook keeps changing the algorithm for advertisements and introducing new features and ways of doing things. Many of the suggestions above will continue to evolve over time. Most importantly, they will not work for all your campaigns. Keep experimenting with different strategies and methods to find people who work for you.

If you have any questions about these tips or the resources linked to them, or if you’d like to see a tip added to the list, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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