15 Effective Ways to Increase Your Facebook Ads CTR

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Facebook Ads is one of the most cost-effective ways to build awareness and 15 ways which can significantly help you increase the CTR on Facebook Ads...

The clickthrough rate is the number of people who actually clicked on your link and were redirected to the offer, online storefront, data collection form, landing page, website, etc., divided by the total number of visitors who viewed the link. Facebook ads (for example, Google AdWords) use CTR to greatly influence the average cost per click that you pay for your ads and your customers' ads.

As advertising on Facebook becomes more and more expensive, the importance of optimizing your ads for improving clickthrough rates and conversion rates has increased. Facebook can provide a useful medium for attracting your target audience through video, images and text advertising.

“It's always a combination of accurate targeting, good advertising and powerful visual information that will lead to an increase in clickthrough rate.”

Be very specific about what you want to achieve from advertising on Facebook. Therefore, before you invest in an advertising campaign on Facebook advertising campaign on Facebook, understand your goals.

There are three types of goals:

Awareness: At this stage, you tell people about your brand. You want consumers to recognize you.

Consideration:When you go to the review stage, you begin to acquire potential customers. You can drive traffic or get contact information from consumers.

Conversion: Now you want a customer to take action, for example, buy your product or launch a free trial version of the software. This is the ultimate goal for most small businesses.

We run Facebook ads for our customers and work with some of the best in the business, which even conduct more campaigns than we do. Result?

We've learned awesome, killer tips that are guaranteed to boost your CTR on Facebook.


One interesting thing that we noticed was that the messages with a lot of engagement got a lot more clicks. By engagement, I mean comments. In particular, I'm talking about the comments you left.

facebook-ads Engagement ctr tips

Copy: get straight to the point

People quickly scroll through Facebook. Really fast. We stop only when something catches the eye. Think about how you use your timeline. You scroll and scan until you see what you like. Your copy of the headline is the main way to communicate with people. To stop them in their tracks, and make them notice.

facebook-ads Engagement ctr tips tips

Change the placement of objects

Facebook Ads allows you to show your ads in different places. Keep track of which location gives you the best clickthrough rate and, if necessary, replace/organize your ads. You can also do the same with the text on the page so that the user can see where you want.

facebook-ads Ad-Placements-ctr tips

Use a smiling happy face or image:

people like to click on ads that encourage personal communication. Remember also that this is Facebook; mix capital letters, symbols, numbers and rotate in calls to action. You compete with hundreds of ads every minute. Be creative!

ctr-facebook-ad-smile-face tips

Incorporate Video:

video challenges are known to give better results than image/text ads. In addition, it also gives you the opportunity to deliver more messages to the audience than you can with text and images together.

facebook-ads video-ctr tips

Let's take a look at seven simple Facebook video advertising tips to help you get the most out of your investment..

Ask a question in your copy:

when it comes to improving CTR in Facebook ads, I would like to encourage participation in advertising copy : “A higher level of interaction with ads, as well as your answers will increase the legitimacy of the ad. You will get more promotions and links in general. " Just make sure the question is related to what you are proposing.

facebook-ads facebook-ad-ctr tips

Use attractive images:

80% of your Facebook ads are images. Choose an image that attracts attention and encourages participation. your images should most definitely avoid small details, text can be a great eye-catcher. For instance, the word ‘FREE’ emblazoned in orange across a blue background will definitely catch a Facebook user’s eye

facebook-ads Attractive-ctr-Images-best tips

URL shortening.

You can also use the URL shortening service, such as bit.ly or goo.gl, and use the shortened version of the URL in your ads. Then you can enter the URL Abbreviation Control Panel and check how many clicks you received.

facebook-ads short-url-facebookads-ctr tips

Keep your Ad Copy Short:

You get 135 characters in the body, and 25 in the headline. You should be using them all. Remember, Facebook is NOT for serious business. Keep it short and catchy!

Google-Facebook-ad-short-ad-copy tips

Facebook pixel

With Facebook pixel tracking and conversions, you can record actions that are most important to your business, such as purchases or potential customers, and create customized audiences on a website to group these people into a new audience. By installing it into your website, you can truly gauge your ads’ performance because the pixel can track every visitors’ interactions on your website after they click on your ad.

facebook-ads pixel-create-a-pixel-button tips

Post timing and frequency

Posts that rise on Thursday and Friday tend to attract more attention, while posts from Monday to Wednesday attract 3.5% less attention. Timing also has a huge impact. Some people recommend posting between 9:00 and 19:00, but this window is too large if you ask me. Posting at 1 p.m. tends to generate the highest number of shares while posting at 3 p.m. generates the highest number of clicks.

facebook-ads Post-Timing-ctr tips

Status updates

Status updates can also be very interesting, with a CTR of up to 15% on average. As with the photos, you will find the CTR data (link) if you include the link in the text/status update, otherwise, you will only find the CTR column (all).

status-update-facebookads-ctr tips

Use split testing (A / B tests)

split testing (A / B tests) are all that you need to put two advertisements against each other. Each will be slightly different and distributed to the sample of your audience. Facebook will tell you who had the best CTR. You can try two different headers or headers. Try two different images or two slightly different audiences.

facebook-ads split-test-ctr tips

Call to action.

Do you know that the images on your posts are clickable? For this reason, you should consider using an image that contains a call to action, rather than an image that looks just like an image:

facebook-ads CTA-creat-call-to-action-traffic

On average, we see an increase in clicks by 14%. This is not so bad, considering that all you are doing is adding a call to action button to your main image. so add a strong call to action. If you want them to view your ad, you can also tell them what they will get as soon as they do.

Know Your Audience

If you want to improve your clickthrough rate, start by understanding the audience. Get inside their heads. Think about how they would describe the service or product they are looking for. Learn their language and use their jargon. This has been an advantage for brands, as they can create advertisements for their specific target groups. You can find out what people are interested in.

facebook-ads specific audience tips

Every interaction with your customers is a chance to learn more about them. Do not leave this important information unused! Find out what your ideal client profile looks like, and make sure you use it at every opportunity. ”

Geographic Location –Select a geographic location. For example, if your ad is intended for people living in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, you do not need to focus on the entire settlers of Arizona.

Age and gender - some products may be suitable for all age groups, but not for all. Make sure you choose your age group and gender correctly.

Detailed targeting- Facebook's detailed targeting allows you to drill down and find your niches from hundreds of categories, separated by demographic characteristics, behavior, and interests.

How to Analyze Click-Through Rate

It depends on how you can determine how effective your campaigns are compared to the national average, it’s important to learn how to calculate CTR yourself .

To do this, we use a simple formula.

Click Through Rate = Number of Click-Throughs / Number of Impressions x 100 (to get the percentage)

For example, if your ad campaigns list 1500 impressions and 36 click-throughs, your formula will look like this:

CTR = 36 / 1500 x 100 = 2.4%

Marketers and advertisers use this ratio to determine the effectiveness of advertising, email, landing page or the entire site. CTR can be used to measure the success of advertising campaigns, Facebook advertising images, landing page layouts, and websites and much more.


Facebook Ads CTR is one of the most talked about performance indicators. The higher your CTR, the better your ad will appear. A good way to understand a good clickthrough rate is to compare your ads by sharing their testing. When you test one ad against another with some small changes, you can determine what your audience likes or doesn't like. Try changing the graphics, call-to-action, headings, copying, etc., to find out which one will return the best CTR. Do not stop when you find your groove. Keep testing and keep improving your ad performance.

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