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With over 2.38 billion Facebook users, you need to be very specific people of how you set your audience targeting..

The "target" or "market" for which you are promoting is called "audience" on Facebook. You can target audiences on Facebook with a dozen different ad formats and thousands of possible and guiding parameters. Super special, from the level of education or income. Orientation options include age, location, occupation, gender, hobbies, and more. The possibilities are almost unlimited. Really.

Facebook segmentation offers businesses many ways to deliver the right ad to the right user at the right time.

Every day, 1,557 million people log in to Facebook. This makes Facebook ads an excellent profitable tool if you want to present your products to a wide audience. Therefore, it is absolutely important that you address only those who may be interested in your product. Any audience that is unlikely to convert for you is a waste of money on advertising .

It is easy to imagine that general demographic combinations are going to Facebook, but the true value is in the interests and behaviors. By targeting specific life events, you can trap your client at the perfect point of purchase in the funnel.

Demographics-based targeting

Demographic segmentation is so important that even when the market is not described in terms of population, it is necessary to link demographic characteristics in order to estimate the size of the target market and use the means of communication to achieve it more. effectively.

Demographics-Based Targeting facebook ad tips 2019

In the Demographic option, Facebook offers detailed segmentation options. You can guide the location, age, language, sex, relationship, education, work, etc. You can filter the goal crosswise and create a demographic niche for your campaigns.

Location: No platform in the world provides such a detailed location orientation. You can go to countries, cities, postcodes, radios, etc. Suppose you have a retail store and you can serve within 10 miles.

Interests: may be addressed to people who have expressed an interest in or as pages linked to another page or subject. This is an interest-based orientation, although it is generally confused with the "similar" orientation.

Behaviors: Behavioral counseling works best in combination with location, interests and demographics-based counseling. You can mix all these elements to create a highly defined Facebook audience.

Behavioral targeting Targeting facebook ad tips 2019
Retargeting Directs users who have already clicked on an ad or visited your website. Using small daily budgets to redirect friendly audiences can help to prevent ad fatigue, as it prevents your potential customers from receiving them too often. However, this tactic rarely offers the best return on advertising investment (ROAS).

Find your ideal audience

Facebook type audiences are an advanced segmentation option that goes beyond the characteristics of demographics and basic interests. Currently, it is the most effective Facebook orientation tool to find your ideal client.

personalized audiences facebook ad Tricks tips 2019

Examples of personalized audiences include people on your email list, website visitors, and Facebook users who interact with your video or Facebook page. When you create an audience that is identical to a personalized audience, Facebook searches for users with attributes similar to those of the basic personalized audience. The video allows you to quickly develop brand recognition and trust your target audience.
If you are using a video-based content strategy and want to adapt your campaigns to more people, similar audiences allow you to search for new people based on those who have already watched your videos.

Focusing on life events

Facebook has a life event function in which users create a special publication that indicates the event of life and details such as date, description, and even photos. You can also select Advanced Combinations in the Add Connection Type drop-down menu and include or exclude people connected to your Facebook event. You can only include or exclude people who attend your event. You can not point to the friends of the people who responded to your event.

Events of common life that interest advertisers:

facebookads-On-Life Events costs Tricks tips 2019
  • Starting/graduating college
  • Buying a home/moving
  • Engagement
  • Dancehalls
  • Music festivals
  • Birth
  • Parties
  • Plays
  • Retirement

Custom Audiences on Facebook

Custom Facebook audiences are probably your most valuable target audience because they allow you to redirect visitors to the previous site and people who are committed to your content or application. There are many ways to create a personalized audience and we will cover each of them briefly.

Custom-Audiences-Facebook ad Tricks tips 2019
Facebook audiences based on website traffic allow you to create remarketing campaigns for people who have committed to your website. These audiences are very useful because people who see their ads have already shown some interest.

You can choose between several options:

  • Address everyone who visited your website
  • Target people who visited specific web pages
  • Target people who visited specific web pages but not others
  • Speak to people who have not visited your website for a while
  • Other custom combinations

An important point to remember with all these tips is to do your own testing. Your audience may respond to a new method, while another company believes the opposite is true. The important thing is to do your split test to ensure you always get cheaper clicks. And with all these new targeting methods, split testing is a lot more fun.

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