Scale Your Ad Campaigns with the Facebook Power Editor

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Discover some best Strategies to Scale Your Facebook Ads with Facebook Power Editor. Power Editor is a Facebook ads tool designed for advertisers who need to Scale Facebook Ads | grow your facebook ad in united states.,

Power Editor makes it easy to create, edit and manage advertisements and campaigns in bulk, even in a large number of different advertising accounts. Facebook is always looking for new ways to entice Facebook advertisers to spend advertising on Facebook. This is why they are constantly adding new features for power editors that enable advertisers to reach their target audience quickly, easily and successfully.

If you want to scale your advertising campaigns, then you have to be familiar with Facebook Power Editor. This should be a tool that will help you build and manage your advertising campaigns quickly, whether you are running only a few or if you are managing 10,000 ads.

What Is Power Editor?

Power Editor is essentially a plugin that helps businesses efficiently manage multiple advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Advertisements and campaigns in a large number of different advertising accounts can create, edit, manage and optimize a large amount. Power Editor is now available through Ad Manager. Advertisers can switch between "directed ad creation" which is similar to the old make-a-advertisement system and "quick build", which is the power editor.

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Facebook Power Editor is a tool designed for a large number of advertisers who need to create a lot of ads at once and have certain control of their campaigns. Power Editor can become your new bud, making it easy to create, edit, manage, and customize multiple ads at once.

You can review the campaigns you've created before uploading them, to make sure you're uploading the right things.

Once you are in Power Editor, your campaigns will be downloaded automatically. To show statistics for a particular date range, above the list of campaigns, use the date selector on the right. To the right of this date selector, the button with the gear symbol allows you to select the matrix to be displayed in the table.

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A very handy feature in Power Editor is the ability to create unpublished posts - in other words, promote a post without appearing on your page. Sometimes you can target non-fans and find that your message is not particularly relevant to your existing fans, so it works great for those examples. This is also very easy for A / B testing as you do not want to post two versions of the same post on your page timeline.

Previously, there were two tools that you had to jump between when managing Facebook ads.

  • The Ads Manager
  • The Power Editor

Facebook announced the integration of Power Editor and Ad Manager in September of last year. However, Facebook has not announced the official launch of the new interface to date. The reason for the change, according to Facebook, is to simplify the ads that manage the ecosystem and reduce the amount of advertising that advertisers need to learn.

Power Editor, by contrast, was like a different version of Ad Manager for advanced advertisers.It is designed to make editing in bulk and easier to manage, so for advertisers who have significantly enhanced their campaigns and have a large number of ads, this is the way to go. For many years, the advertising manager has been following the power editor. But recently, Facebook has been investing a lot in rolling out new features in Ad Manager in parallel with Power Editor.

We update what Facebook Ad Manager is and how it integrates Power Editor. This consolidation allows you to do more work and simplify functionality by hosting everything you need for your campaigns in a single platform.

Some time ago Facebook announced that it was merging Power Editor and Classic Ad Manager.

ad manager , guided creation of power editor

To take advantage of the speed of Power Editor, use the Quick Creation option.

ad manager , quick creation of power editor

Facebook Power Editor we can optimize our ad for the same things available in the Ads Manager such as clicks, post engagement (depending on whether we are doing a boosted post ad) or impressions.

power editor, ads optimization

And we can also opt for unique reach daily, which allows us to bid on impressions (per 1,000 people who see our ad), but limits their views once per day.

Now, we have a "guided build", which resembles the more traditional ad manager pictured above, and a "simplified build" (pictured below) that reflects the power editor interface.

admanager ,guided creation of power editor

The great about Power Editor is that it has a lot of features under the hood that are not present in Ad Manager - possibly to simplify the interface and reduce friction. If you are serious about getting the most out of your Facebook ads, then you definitely want to use them.

Why Should You Use Power Editor?

The self-service tool lets you target demographics and interests very effectively, but with Power Editor you can now upload customer lists using email addresses or phone numbers. This means that you really know who you are targeting based on their purchase history .

In Power Editor, you can manually optimize bids for clicks, reach, social (the number of times your ad is shown to your friends or people through actions) or actions.

Within Power Editor, you can select any of the following Placement option

  • All Facebook
  • Desktop
  • News Feed (Desktop and Mobile)
  • News Feed (Desktop Only)
  • Mobile Only

You can promote a single post through the power editor and use customized CPM, CPM or CPC. You can set your bid for CPM and CPC. You can set the budget of whatever you want.

In Power Editor, there is also the possibility to optimize the order of images and links through the ad server, meaning that the images with the highest click performance are automatically displayed first.

How to Install Power Editor

Use Google Chrome Power Editor in Google Chrome extension. If you do not yet have Google Chrome installed on your computer, you can download Chrome here.

Install Power Editor by clicking here or going through Facebook's Ad Manager.

Open the power editor.

After installing Power Editor, a new browser tab will automatically open: click the Power Editor icon on that tab to start the launch. If the tab does not open, learn more.

Choose your ad space where your ads will appear, you have options like mobile news feed, desktop news feed, and desktop right column. Select three options and proceed to the next step.

To access the Power Editor, you must visit the following address when logging into Facebook:

There are a few good reasons to use Facebook Power Editor:

Better targeting of the location of your Ads. You can target your ad to run only in the News Feed, only on mobile devices and other variations.

power editor , ad placement

Capability to target your e-mail list.

You can use the Partner Categories to target people according to their buying habits.

partner categorires , power editor

The Facebook power edit may take a few clicks, and maybe filled with duplicate campaigns. So it doesn't matter of seconds, and it can be a big-time and money saver in the long run.

CTR on mobile is already opted out of newsfeed and right hand advertisements. Why not create ads designed for mobile? You can also target specific mobile devices.

The power editor can measure the results and resonate as best. So you can get a detailed data list on advertisements and set up a complete campaign, and creating a custom report is easy.

Align tags for ads can set up campaigns so that you are easily searched. So network ads have to be logged on each platform for it to be different.

As our review indicates, the Power Editor is definitely the tool most advertisers should use. Power Editor is a better tool for creating and editing campaigns, especially for large-scale accounts. You can create custom audiences through Ad Manager - but you'll find more advanced and powerful features in Power Editor (such as saved audiences and unpublished posts).

I hope this guide helps you take the first step in using the Power Editor to create and manage your advertising campaigns. We strongly recommend using the Power Editor's Post Engagement feature instead, which will allow you to leverage the sheer power of Facebook post targeting, custom audiences, and more, as well as bring more eye to your posts.

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