Top Simple Ways to Increase Sales with Local SEO.

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Simple Tips to Increase Sales Using Local SEO 2019

How To Increase Sales With Local SEO

Local SEO is a new era of advertising your local audience. Because customers are everywhere. If you are a local business or a multinational company, your potential customers can be anywhere from listening to the radio or surfing social media feed, browsing yellow pages or going through Google for finding their solutions.

When comparing local SEO with traditional SEO, the overall process is similar. The big difference is that the site is based on the site or on a particular area, but not the traditional one.

In addition, according to a study from 2018, 40% of the total search volume is local. Without local SEO, your business can lose a lot of traffic.

Here are the Best ways you can make your local SEO successful.


With the help of GMB page, Google understands more about your business: who you are, what services/products you sell, where you’re located at, and what your website is. Getting Google my business page is super important for every business to step off any local SEO strategy.
It will help the local people to reach to your offline store through Google maps. Its main objective is to let the customers know the actual information regarding the business like working hours, working days, website, phone number, etc. It also allows listing your business on Google maps. Don’t worry, using Google My Business is totally free. And, no, a GMB listing doesn’t replace your business’s website.

 Local seo ranking 2019 gmb

Features like Google’s Local Search results, which break out with a list of nearby businesses and much of the pertinent information needed to find a specific business. You can get incredible exposure if you have optimized your business to show up in GOOGLE’S LOCAL LISTINGS.

Through GMB, you can monitor which of your business’ information should be displayed on search engine result pages whenever a user searches a related query on Google.


Local business listings and quotes play an important role in reputation, rankings, and revenue. Therefore, it is important to see the general picture of its goal.

Local business listings are online portfolios of information about your business, such as Name, address, phone number,(NAP) opening hours and other data along with other details. Most platforms like Google Business Listing, Bing Places for Business, Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages and Justdial, etc that provide this information can be used for free, but users must manually add their information or claim their activity.

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Local business listing has many advantages to a local business. Below are some of the benefits listed of Local Listing in boosting your local SEO efforts:

  • Free Advertising Your Business 24×7
  • Help to Increase Brand Awareness
  • Boost Your SEO Efforts
  • Increase in Local Visibility with Detail Information
  • Good Reviews Means More Customers
  • Do keep in mind that your citation or listing should look natural. Means, if someone sees your listing, it should not appear that information submitted is solely to benefit the Google ranking


To position yourself better on Google for local search, you first need to determine what people are looking for to find your business. Check your Google Analytics or ThriveHive account (if you have one) to see how people see your website online. Once you know what your rankings are, you can optimize your website and your blog posts in rank for other related research

 local seo key-words-optimiztion

Say you have a Pizza shop in Liverpool. You probably do not want to attract customers outside of Liverpool. Buyers in Leeds will not be interested in the M52 just for Pizza (although it's really good).

To fix this, you need to anchor your business in your target area by using “keywords + location” on your website. For example, you should include “Pizza shop Liverpool” in your page title and heading, and naturally include it in your content.


To conclude, here is a short checklist where you can start optimizing your SEO and expanding your business:
  • Add keywords to your on-page elements to improve your local SEO.
  • Complete contact information for your company, such as name, address and phone number (NAP) so customers can search for it.
  • Encourage customers to leave quality comments based on their business experience. If you want to delete a Facebook rating, read this.
  • Answer all the critics, be open to the mind. Negative feedback is one of the ways you can understand where you can work even better in your business.
  • Add at least ten quality photos of your business to your profile so customers can quickly identify your business.
  • Stay active Keep your company profile updated with the latest news.

Website optimization is changing rapidly. No one can really tell when Google will acquaint new highlights with its SERPs for nearby ventures, yet you can depend on these changes. In this manner, it is critical to dependably remain on neighborhood SEO. By actualizing these helpful Objects, you ensure that your business profits by beneficial nearby quests, yet additionally a strong establishment while presenting new SEO highlights

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