How to Increase Click-Through Rates on Facebook Ads

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There are some hacks, here with this help you can increase the CTR on your Facebook ads and able to increase your conversion rate

To have successful marketing on Facebook, you need to be active on a daily basis. Publish content in your profile. Share photos and videos, as well as conduct promotions.

The leader is a potential customer who has shown interest in your business, product or service by performing some kind of action. This may be filling out a waiver, contacting you at an event or some other event. We know that lead generation is not intended to bring product information around the world. Instead, Finding potential customers is providing your audience with useful and relevant tools and information that will help them solve problems, that is, problems that your product can solve. When you do this, you attract quality customers who are likely to become customers.

Increasing your Facebook Ad’s Click-Through-Rate

Facebook ads allow you to include a potential customer creation form in your campaign — also called an instant form — so that people can quickly share basic information with you. Instant forms are especially useful on mobile devices, where people spend an average of four hours a day on their phones.

I’ll give these best practices to you quickly so we can move on to the fun stuff. Write these 10 tips down and check them off as you create your own Facebook Ads.

Image best practices:

Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images. To turn these higher engagement rates into lead generation opportunities, consider including links to your website in the descriptions for your images -- especially your profile picture and cover photo descriptions.

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We also learned that an optimized image can do wonders for the success of your ad. Choose something bright, clear, or unique to stand out in the News Feed. For most ads, the best image size to upload is 1200x628 pixels, but we recommend a minimum width of 600 pixels for images. Check out the Facebook Ads Guide to see specific recommended image sizes for the type of ad you're creating.

Headline Best Practice:

The first sentence of the post-click landing page copy would actually be a better headline than the one already there:

Studies prove this fact. Highrise recently found that headlines that include numbers have a 30% higher conversion rate than headlines that do not include numbers.

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To take it one step further, headlines containing odd numbers have a 20% higher click-through rate than even-numbered headlines. Dollar and percentage signs, the word “Free”, and your Logo (if it’s well known) will attract the eye of Facebook users. Focus your headline on being eye-catching and communicating value. Your body copy will encourage a click and tell users what to do.

If a headline fails to give a clear view of what the content it is introducing includes, users have no reason to open the content, let alone to read what it has to offer. You should also consider using a subheading, graphics, and bulleted lists to help visitors understand your offer quickly and keep them engaged with your content.

Color and Detail Best Practice:

Color Psychology is the exploration of the impact of color on perceptions, reactions, and emotions. In advertising and marketing terms, it’s used strategically to increase interaction, elicit a desired reaction, and create a specific feeling related to your brand or product.

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Do not use blue or white, as these colors fit into the color scheme of Facebook, and the eyes of users simply slide on your ads. Borders; If your logo or image you want to use is blue, leave the same image, but draw a colorful frame around it.

For example, changing the color of the CTA button on the target page of your website from light green to yellow can increase your conversion rate by 14.5%. Purple is the favorite color of 23% of women and 0% of men.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

After you invite someone to a Facebook event, you can invite them to register on a separate landing page, where they will become the leading pages. Landing makes publishing more direct and eliminates the need for additional research for the viewer.

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Given the increased attention to ad text in recent years, the inclusion of your link directly in this field is an excellent option! Sending Facebook traffic from Facebook ads to a landing page optimized to attract potential customers is one of the best ways to find potential customers.

Call-to-action for Lead Generation

The call to action (CTA) in the Facebook ad (in the sidebar) is the text “Headline” at the top of the ad. This is the most important part of your ad. This is the most important element of your ad to convince people to click.

The call to action is a turning point between conversions and bounce. In other words, any of your steps will either turn your visitors into potential customers or send them out and increase your bounce rate. Strong CTA makes people click on it. He leaves the memory in the user's memory, even when he left the landing page.

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This call-to-action works so well because it speaks to a visitor at the right time. It takes into consideration that they are reading this post for a reason and seeks to provide them with a pertinent suggestion while they're already engaged.

Create useful content

There is a world of information on Facebook supplied by individuals and businesses, and if you want to make someone stop scrolling further when they see your ad, your creative needs to have great content. It is not only about the images and text that you use, but mainly about what you are trying to convey through your ad, and what it contains for the user, which will make him stop and notice.

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Leaders are the undeniable vitality of your business. And content marketing is often at the center of leadership, as one of the most effective methods for generating potential customers; in fact, 93% of B2B companies say content marketing generates more potential customers than traditional marketing tactics.

Include high-quality keywords first.

After receiving answers to previous questions, you can start thinking about which keywords make sense, and then create a strategy for optimizing for your chosen terms. Please note that you will not have a fully baked and completed strategy overnight, so plan a phased approach to optimization. Start with your keywords, and then go from there.

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Search engines pay more attention to keywords that appear closer to the left side of the page title. Since this is the case, you must first start the title of your page with the most important keywords, and then add less important keywords.


After you have set up and launched a system for generating potential customers, the next step is to establish a connection and develop relationships with your new potential customers. We hope that you find these ideas useful for you to find potential customers from Facebook. Remember, however, that Facebook is constantly changing. Although the ideas here are a good start to success, nothing compares to testing each strategy for your own audience.

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