How to Use Life Event Targeting in Facebook ads

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Life event targeting is also great for local businesses. With Life targeting, you can pinpoint users before or after the event to maximize the efficiency of your targeting.

If your goal is within reach and/or brand awareness, then approaching affinity or personalization can be a good choice. If your goal is to reach potential customers, then Life Events can be an effective approach, Facebook introduced this functionality in January 2015. It has proven to be an effective way for marketers to communicate with customers. We know that search engine and social media have more power when used in combination.

Consumers dealing with a life event are lower down the sales path and closer to buying. They will usually have a chronology related to the purchase - for example, the date of the wedding or the beginning of studies. They can be relocation, new relationship, commitment or birthday.

By targeting specific life events, you can catch the customer at the ideal point of purchase on the funnel.

What is Life Events Targeting?

Life events Targeting by delivering the right message at the right time on the right device if you want to win sales.

As technology and consumer behavior continue to evolve, marketing strategies must evolve too. Life Event wants to help advertisers reach people at key moments when they’re making purchase decisions. Life Events targeting is a potential game-changer for advertisers.

Bellow this image will give you an idea more about the life event posts from the user experience.

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This life event also gives users the ability to “tag” another parent, indicate when an ad will be published, and even attach stories or comments. Life Events is unique because you can select people at specific intervals after the change. Life Events is unique because you can select people at specific intervals after changing

For example, if you are at a wedding venue, you can target wedding planners, or if you are a local furniture company, you can target users after moving to your area. And if your business is a jewelry store, aim for women's upcoming birthdays so they can mark their significant acquaintances as a tip on what to give them for their birthday. Facebook also allows you to focus on other life events such as relationships, new jobs, birthdays or if people are outside your hometown. Now that you know these targeting options are possible, start thinking about your own business. There are endless possibilities!

How to Set Up Life Event Targeting for Your Campaigns

You can set up a custom audience for Facebook event engagement. To create a custom audience, open the Audiences panel in Ad Manager. The Audiences can then be even further segmented into whether they are preparing for one of the listed life events or if they have just experienced one.

facebook,ads manager,create custom

In the Audiences dashboard, click Create Audience and select Custom Audience from the drop-down menu.

facebook ads manager,create audience

Next, select Engagement as how you want to create your audience.

facebook ads manager,custom audience

To create this audience, choose Event.

facebook ads manager,custom audience,life event

Facebook has pretty much every conceivable life event targeting option since we tend to post these to our timelines.

facebook ads, targeting, event

The Life Events parameter is unique because you can choose to target people at specific intervals after the change.

For example, we can reach an audience that has been involved for three months and is also interested in first-class travel. What a great opportunity for a local travel agency to promote a honeymoon / luxury vacation.

Here is a complete list of life events you can target on Facebook:

  • Anniversary within 30 Days
  • Away from Family
  • Away from Hometown
  • Friends of Newly Engaged
  • Friends of Newlywed
  • Friends of Recently Moved
  • Long-Distance Relationship
  • New Job
  • New Relationship
  • Newly Engaged (1 Year)
  • Newly Engaged (6 Months)
  • Newly Engaged (3 Months)
  • Newlywed (1 Year)
  • Newlywed (6 months)
  • Newlywed (3 months)
  • Recently Moved
  • Upcoming Birthday

In the "Event-targeted ads" section, you can target all the people who recently created the event on Facebook. This can be good targeting for businesses that service events.

facebook , create event


When it comes to mastering life event targeting, a great way to refine your search is to link your Facebook campaigns with remarketing and reach.

It was shown that targeting for life events leads to an increase in the response of advertising by 50%, an increase in consumer intentions by 35% and a search fivefold increase. For retailers who already use the Life Event feature on Facebook, it’s useful to explore the possibilities of this new targeting tool. Life event targeting is a valuable new option to reach consumers at prominent moments in their lives. Targeting users as they progress, graduate from college and get married will allow advertisers to reach consumers when they reach their peak purchasing points.

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