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Facebook is the number one social media site for driving conversions, which makes Facebook advertising more effective the average conversion rate on Facebook was 9.21%.

Your conversion rate represents the percentage of website visitors who process your offer. This is one way to track the impact of your messaging, as well as the message behind the message. For example, if you want your audience to make a purchase on your website after clicking on your Facebook ad , the percentage of users who make a purchase is your conversion rate. You want higher conversion rates because it means that people are buying what you are selling. If your conversion rate is low, however, it means that your ads are not hitting their impressions, and you may need to adjust your strategy.

Facebook is the number one social media site for driving conversions, which makes effective Facebook advertising more important.

This is the number of conversions coming in, divided by the total number of visitors, and multiplying the result by 100 to get a percentage. Let's look at an example: If a shoe brand's star product receives 12,000 visitors in a month and generates 250 sales, its conversion rate will be 2.08%.

What is a good conversion rate on Facebook?

Conversion rates are useful when it comes to measuring and improving your campaign, as you have a benchmark to work with and can measure whether your changes have yielded positive results.

The higher your conversion rate, the better you are in terms of messaging and strategy. Many factors can affect your conversion rates, such as your caption and CTA or the image on the landing page. A study of 256 US-based businesses showed that the average conversion rate on Facebook was 9.21%.

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Ideally, you want a conversion rate of 10.25 percent or higher, says Vianinja. This puts you above the average conversion rate. Depending on your business goals, a "conversion" can be almost anything, if you are in the category of 3 + conversion rate and are running a strong e-commerce campaign of over 50,000,000 a month. , And a product that's under $ 40, you're doing great

but here are a few common types of conversions:

  • Making a purchase
  • Submitting a form (contact us form, lead gen form, etc)
  • Calling your business
  • Engaging with your online chat
  • Signing up for a subscription (either paid or free—like a newsletter)
  • Registering on the site

How Do I Calculate Conversion Rate?

Calculating conversions is actually quite easy. All you have to do is divide the number of conversions you get on your site in terms of the total number of visitors to your site or landing page and multiply it by 100%.

Conversion rate = (conversions / total visitors) * 100%

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Similarly, if I wanted to calculate how many website visitors convert to paying users, the conversion rate formula would look like this:

Number of Sales / Total Traffic to Site x 100 = Conversion Rate

While there are many analytics tracking tools that can provide data about conversion rates, there is one tool that rules the rule: Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is an amazingly versatile tool that lets you understand who your audience is, how they behave on your website, where they know how your business (meaning traffic) is. Sources) and how they interact with the content of your website.

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Facebook and Snap Chat drive the most traffic to websites.

This shows that Facebook (13.9%) and Snap Chat (13.0%) drive the most traffic to websites. Google Referred to the nearest third (9% of traffic), with a sharp drop in traffic from the rest of the sites. Twitter (0.3%), YouTube (1.2%), and Bang (2.0%) drove the least traffic to companies.

Bellow are some tips to improve Conversion-rate

To maximize the value of the traffic you already have, you need to be constantly testing, experimenting, and actively listening for high conversions and improving every aspect of your e-commerce website.

Pay careful attention to your headline.

Your caption is probably the single most important element of your landing page. Brainstorm at least 10 chances before choosing the strongest. With Facebook users posting 3 million posts per minute, you have to struggle for a level of clear title that is not easily understood. Don't use unnecessary words or characters for yourself, but make sure you get the most out of the 25 character limit in your PPC ad headlines.

Use high-quality images.

Using generic, difficult stock images can send a false message about your brand. Use professional-quality photos where possible. Using eye-catching imagery increases the likelihood of your ad landing on their eyes. First impressions are conveyed by design, so treat visuals as you would a handshake. When it comes to your Facebook ad copy, keep things short and easy.

Optimize your conversion funnel

A basic conversion skin consists of four basic classes: awareness, interest, consideration and conversion. With this basic formula, you can decide exactly what makes your prospects aware, interested in them, motivate them to consider your product, and convince them to convert.

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Every step of the marketing is worth it, and you will need them all at some point. But you can't just advertise awareness for a potential client who is trying to choose between you and a competitor.

Testing Your Traffic

One of the great ways to improve your conversion rate is to test your traffic. Of course, if most of your traffic comes from organic search results on Google, this is really not an option, but if you're running a total payroll campaign, you have a lot more control. Who is visiting your site or landing page and why? This is important because the wrong traffic will not change ... even on the perfect page.

Interest-Based Targeting

Targeting a Facebook ad is unparalleled in its capabilities. You can target your ads based on user location, age, gender, interests, relationship status, education and more. The beauty of targeting people based on your interests on Facebook is that this is a great way to build a large audience of people who may not already know about you, but who is interested in what you are selling. Can

If you have had to try different interests to know which interests perform the best, then you will know which ones to keep and which ones to remove. Don't forget to split the test!

Use CTA buttons rather than links.

Buttons are clearer and more clickable, especially when viewed on mobile devices. If your purpose of conversion is to get customers to visit a product page or learn about your company, then strong actions like startup, discovery, search and discovery are great. The button is only part of your CTA. The rest of the ad has to actually direct the user to click the button, and then the landing page is directed to do more to make the conversion safer. Asking questions is a quick way to touch a customer's emotions. When you pose a question, the reader naturally answers it. You can “trick” them into thinking about what they need before you even present your offer.

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Video ads

Video ads are good at grips initially. When creating video content, guide it with the most compelling and engaging content that your audience can catch right now. Video ads can help you get your message across faster. In fact, because people fly through content so fast, it's important that you catch viewers watching the important point of your message, clearly and effectively at the beginning of your video.

If you are interested in other Facebook ad performance benchmarks, such as CTR, CPC, and CPA, check this out.

The above is a useful reference for conversion rate marketing and sales specialists, as it provides meaningful and accurate information about the performance of one or more products.

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