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Pay-per-click marketing delivers more than just traffic here we'll explore the five ways how PPC can help to grow your brand: Pay Per ClickPay-per-click marketing delivers more than just traffic here we'll explore the five ways how PPC can help to grow your brand: Pay Per Click

Many companies have spent thousands of dollars on PPC with no apparent success. It is a hopeless waste of time and money that leaves them with a bad taste in their mouths.

There is always a price to pay with experimentation, but it is only through trying new things that I am able to develop my PPC campaigns. If there is a delay in rolling out new AdWords features or coming up with new opportunities on my own, my competitors will reap the benefits instead of me.

In PPC campaign you set your budget. Your ads will run until you have enough clicks on your budget.

Return on investment is the most important metric to pay attention to in digital marketing. Consider whether budget and click bidding gives you the best chance to maximize your ROI .

PPC is very different from other online marketing options. Doing it well means first determining whether it is right for your business and if the time is right now. If it is, it is hard to know where to start, and it is easy to make mistakes. Keep reading to determine if your business is ready for a PPC campaign, what you need to know to get started,

Here are three ways you can optimize your chance for turning PPC visitors into customers by driving them to a landing page that converts.

Keyword Research

Your entire PPC campaign is built around keywords, and the most successful Google advertisers have continually developed and refined their PPC keyword list.

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The typical cost per click for generic weight-loss solution keywords such as "Best Weight Loss Solution" exceeds $ 15 for the top position. However, we found that medical-related keywords related to weight loss are quite cheap. When you're trying to figure out which keywords are best for your business, Try to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer. All the ways and questions they can find that you provide? What are the pain points that buying your product or service will solve for the customer?

Many small businesses will simply use their trend and choose keywords that they think are relevant. But trusting your stomach is not always the best bet for you. The smart way to find your best keyword list is to use an online tool that will assist your research—something like Google’s Keyword Planner.

The amount you pay for a keyword will depend on 4 factors:

  • Volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • CPC
  • Quality score
  • The best PPC advertisers constantly update their keyword list. Finding the top keywords can be a long process. But it is also an important step in PPC campaign.

    PRO TIP: Try searching for the keyword "long-tail". These are keywords that are a complete sentence or phrase rather than a word or two. Long-tail keywords are less competitive, but still very relevant to the specific thing you're promoting.

    Write Engaging Copy

    One way is to trigger your ads based on mobile users passing through your radius. But, as it turns out, you can also trigger your ads to display different copy based on other scenarios. Focus on using psychological tricks to correct your PPC ad copy, in turn leading to more clicks and conversions. So, let's break the habit of writing generic, skippable copy

    engaging,ad copy

    Creating weather-triggered ads in relation to custom AdWords scripts can be complicated - you can read more here for this. However, the goal of these scripts is to change the copy of your ads depending on the weather being reported by Google.

    Here are copy strategies and writing techniques that you can use to create engaging copy to promote your marketing campaign.

    *Start sentences with numbers written as words: Two numbers next to each other are difficult to read which is why four 3-year-olds is easier to read than 4 3-year-olds

    *% Vs. word percentile: Reading percentage is easier and faster when shown with 51% vs. 51 percent

    * In addition to writing better ads with many of your competitors, there are 1,000 things to worry about, now you have the ammunition to make your Google ads the world's best ads.

    * Last but not least, test to see what works best for your audience, a reference to your marketing message and your business objective.

    Provide personal, relevant and timely information.

    Marketing plans are meant to be reviewed and updated periodically; It is a good practice to do this every year. However, some owners and managers thought of time-consuming research and planned the marketing. To simplify the process, make the marketing plan personal, relevant and time-bound.


    To maximize the potential ROI of your PPC advertising , Consider the journey your potential customer takes, taking from the keyword they are searching for what they are asking for as they scroll through your landing page. Make sure that the message you are sharing matches their search intent and the message they are listening to. And, in a growing mobile world, consider the device they are using.

    marketing plan,complete guide

    Creating a marketing plan allows you to identify your target audience , price points and projected sales. You make this information personal to your own situation, keeping it relevant to a changing market, and periodically make decisions that reflect consumer trends. This represents a starting point from which more sophisticated marketing research will add to your business success.

    Mobile Optimization

    You can’t talk about local business PPC without addressing mobile optimization. When mobile devices account for more than half of all searches, these are potential leads and customers you can’t afford to ignore.

    mobile optimization,ppc

    Have you ever tried to navigate a traditional webpage on your mobile browser? It does not always respond well to the touch of your finger on the screen. You usually have to zoom in to read a short text. Repeatedly scrolling from left to right to read a paragraph becomes cumbersome and annoying. Essentially, this is a terrifying experience from a user point of view.

    This type of user experience tends to cause on-site usage metrics (i.e. bounce rate) to worsen. Furthermore, having a website not optimized for mobile use can harm its ability to show up organically in search results

    Take a look at these figures to see how mobile and search tie together:

    According to a recent Google study, 74% of mobile consumers used a search engine as part of the research process.

    93% of people who use mobile for research go to shopping (source: Google).

    52% of mobile shoppers realize that they buy more with cross-channel personalization (source: MyBuys).

    mobile optimization,facebook ads

    Finally, 80% of people do not leave their home without their smartphone and spend an average of 15 hours per week on businesses and services on their mobile devices. You need to be able to adapt appropriately to this large mobile market and it is safe to say that filling out forms can cause enormous trouble on mobile devices.

    For these reasons and more it is worth it to optimize your pay-per-click campaigns for mobile optimization.

    Specific With Your Audience

    PPC for small businesses provides wide segments and targeting to reach more interested users. Which also means that you can actually see which keywords are converting people for your business.

    PPC helps you precisely target your audience by using keywords, keywords, at specific times and days, as well as where your ads appear.

    specific,facebook ads

    If you're working with search and display ads in Google, you can target broader top-level keywords and long-tail keywords. Since improving your existing ads to more long-tail words, you can reach a smaller audience, but you can usually see an increase in conversions and CTR and a decrease in cost-per-click.

    Unfortunately, while a targeted audience is another great way to get your business in front of potential buyers, anyone who ever runs a Facebook ad can tell you that targeting an audience for online advertising is not a magic bullet. is. if you target the wrong keywords, you could wind up spending a lot of money with little to no conversions

    Pro Tip 4: Avoid These Common PPC Mistakes

    Every PPC professional is guilty of making at least one mistake at some point. Whether or not it was important, it is good to recognize it to ensure that you are not repeating it.

    ,facebook ads

    We have decided to focus on the most common mistakes you make when it comes to PPC and here is a list that can serve as your next checklist on the mistakes you need to avoid.

    Losing Relevance on Landing Page

    Whatever you say in your ad … repeat it on the landing page where you’re taking the visitor! If you are advertising an 80% sale in your ad, you can be sure that people are looking for it when they land on your landing page.

    Not Separating Content Match from Search Results

    This is a mistake of 101. Yes, it takes time, but any campaign should separate its regular search ad from content matching. This allows you to get better reporting, set different costs per click, a different budget and a clearer look at both these campaigns overall.

    Targeting the Wrong Keywords

    When writing PPC ads, you need to include and target specific keywords that your target audience is searching for. You already know. What you don't know is that not all keywords are created equal, and so-called "long-tail keywords" are more effective than short-tail keywords.

    Not using conversion tracking

    Conversions, whether they are sales or leads, are one of the defining aspects of your campaigns. If conversion tracking is not installed in your AdWords account, it becomes impossible to determine how well a specific keyword or ad group is performing for wasted ad spend and poor results.


    According to Forbes, if small businesses want to generate more leads , it would be a big mistake to start with SEO. To generate long term brand awareness for you (and the result!) Forbes recommends you start with an aggressive pay-per-click (PPC) campaign so that you can develop your brand and generate long term results.

    PPC has many benefits for businesses mainly because it can generate fast results by targeting the right people at the right time.

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