9 Facebook Ad Techniques That Deliver Results

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Here are the top 9 Facebook advertising techniques. These 9 top techniques will help you to maximize conversions and improve results from your Facebook ad campaign

Currently, about 1.7 billion Facebook users are such a huge amount. Imagine how large your message will be if you know tips on using Facebook advertising and more than 2 million companies already placing ads on Facebook, attracting the attention of the audience and turning it into e-commerce sales, it becomes more and more difficult every day.

It doesn't matter how amazing your Facebook ads are. If the right people do not see them, they do not appeal. Period.

9 Facebook advertising techniques that produce results

To make advertising on Facebook successful, you need to combine a lot - you need the right targeting, a great image or video, and a convincing copy. Today, I focus on why writing advertising matters in advertising on Facebook, as well as on some strategies on how to write great ads on Facebook that are really convertible.

In this article, you will learn about nine ways to get clicks, leads and conversions using advertising on Facebook.

Image Optimization for better result

Good image quality attracts clicks and increases ROI. However, poor quality can prevent users from clicking on your ad.

You want people to pay attention to your image, not image quality. Pay attention to the angle and lighting. Images with rich colors help creativity stand out on a white Facebook background.

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Facebook allows you to insert text into your advertising images. Advertising on Facebook cannot contain images with text that occupies more than 20% of the image. These ads will be rejected by Facebook.

Photos can cause a lot of attention on their own. But adding powerful words, phrases, or numbers can make them even more attractive. Displaying images of happy people in your ads can help create an emotional connection.

Audience Insights

Audience Insights is ideal for helping me get a detailed snapshot of my audience so that I can better serve them and create relevant content based on their interests.

To access Facebook Audience Insights, you must have a Facebook Business Manager account, if you have one, just go to facebook.com/ads/audience-insights.


Understanding that you cannot create content that will not offer education or value to your audience will not allow you to waste your time and budget.

Be creative to get result

Facebook users are bombarded with ads 24/7, and not just on social networks. It is important to remember that people cannot be sold - they are there to watch the cute cats, the children of their friend in the school play, and maybe even check out the former. To stand out, you need to provide excellent content that really appeals to your audience.

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This means that astonishing, compressed copying, vivid visual effects and attractive video content play a key role.

Carousel advertising

Carousel advertising allows you to display 2-10 images or videos in one ad - each with its own external link. Users can scroll through each image or video by navigating through mobile devices or by clicking the left and right arrows on the desktop.

carousel ads ,facebooks ads

Carousel advertising contains a series of images or videos through which users can turn around, and they all help describe a particular product, service or event that is being promoted by advertising. Each Carousel ad can contain up to 10 images or videos at the same time and links to its own web pages. Because these ads carry so much information, according to Facebook, they are ideal for:

  • Endorsing multiple products.
  • Promoting multiple features of the same product.
  • Telling a story or sequence of events that unfold over the course of multiple pictures or videos.
  • Explaining a process to potential customers.

Build interesting ads

Whatever your services or products, create interesting content. Advertise your services correctly and highlight all the details and offers accordingly. Avoid confusion and suggest innovative ideas. Marketing on Facebook, when handled perfectly, produces amazing results, and people who are looking for the best business solutions need to optimize each element.

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Make sure you attach images, content that is engaging and vibrant and does not waste advertising, because clear ads help you achieve better goals.

Run a Retargeting Ad

Website traffic allows you to create a retargeting list to reach visitors to your site. Here you can create lists of various sizes based on actions taken or pages visited on your site. Regular retargeting lists, which are usually well converted, include those who have visited your site in the past 30 days or have added something to their basket in the last seven days.

facebook retargeting,roi,facebooks ads

We always had advertising retargeting in the background. This allowed us to warm newbies if they weren't ready to buy when they first saw the ad. Our retargeting ad was one of our top performers.

Video Ads

The video has a clear focus on the subject, and this subject is involved in the movement, which means something

Video ads have a GIF or video as a central part of the advertisement and can be used to showcase a product or event. Video ads will help you to establish closer ties with your audience, bringing your brand in line with the type of content.

Regardless of whether you have a video with a lot of views or an event attended by a large number of visitors, retargeting various groups of participants is an effective way to attract potential customers who may be interested in making a purchase on your website.

advertisment,targeting,audience,video on facebook,facebooks ads

This is exactly why video ads are booming right now, including this Sephora campaign which resulted in a 41% higher click-through rate rate than their previous ads.

sephora campaign,targeting,audience,high CTR,videos,facebooks ads

Practice, practice and practice

Finally, if you have mastered the whole theory of the use of advertising on Facebook, the key success factor is your experience. The more you practice, the more you will know how to efficiently and economically use most of your Facebook ads.

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In addition, you will also learn more about your customers at these times, so that the design will be more efficient next time.

A/B testing (Split testing)

Split testing is an integral part of conversion optimization that improves your web pages and marketing in order to increase the speed with which people perform the desired action and convert. Before you begin your first split test, you need to know what you can check.

test ads,split test,optimization,facebooks ads

In general, this will include headlines, page copying, button text, colors, shapes, images, social media sharing buttons - basically everything that appears on a webpage or landing page.

Try different combinations of images and advertisements to see what works best.


Finally, add a call to action so that your audience knows what to do next, and you see conversions from your ads.

Facebook advertising works. And many online stores can confirm this. However, if you feel that your ads do not provide the expected level of return on investment, try to increase their relevance, motivate your audience and give them a good reason for a click.

What do you think? Which of these tactics do you use in your ads on Facebook? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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