7 Essential Strategy for a Facebook Video Advertising

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Let's take a look at seven simple Facebook video advertising tips to help you get the most out of your investment...

Facebook video ads are ads in Facebook format. Instead of recording a splash of text and downloading an image, you need to either create your own video or work with the videographer or use an existing video to upload to your own Facebook video player. From there, you can customize the description of the video, thumbnail, budget, and audience for which you show ads .

Video advertising is no different. To be effective, video ads must do two things: draw the user's attention in 2-3 seconds and have a short duration, probably not more than 20 seconds.

Why You Should Use Facebook Video Ads

Facebook video ads are the best way to make sure people remember your brand and come back to your site. There is nothing more attractive than seeing messages come alive. Videos combine visual effects and sounds. Customers have shorter attention spans. Facebook users spend 1.7 seconds on mobile content and 2.5 seconds on PC content. With video ads, brands can deliver their message in seconds. Within a short period of time, you can get people to respond to and share your messages, or convert.

Optimize ad title description video ads tips 2019

The study showed that the video reached 5.49% of the audience, while the involvement rate for photos was 4.67%.

We’re going to focus on Facebook video ads best 7 ads practices that apply in 2019. Sit back, follow this guide, and use the knowledge you gain to drive results for your brand. Keep reading.

Decide on your target audience

Be smart about targeting. Do not try to focus on anyone who you think will be interested in your offer, and hope that they will go. This can be an interaction on the Facebook page or watching a video. To target people who visit your page, you create a customized audience based on the page’s engagement. To target people who have watched one of your videos, create a custom audience based on the video’s views.

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You can better engage your target audience with the right offers at the right time and get more bang for your advertising expenses.

Optimizing Facebook videos for the right audience is easy. Choose a goal for your video and select a demographic — you can be as specific or as broad as you like. Now add a short, clear and descriptive headline that tells people at a glance what it is about.

Design with mobile in mind

Mobile ads provide the most effective video views - hands down - which is not surprising, considering that over 65% of Facebook users watch videos on their mobile device. In our ambush tests, we found that mobile ads can provide nearly 60% more video completions at a 40% cost per view compared to desktop ads.

facebook install pixel code Tricks tips 2019

Some recommendations for properly setting up mobile advertising:

    Consumers are sensitive to mobile ad clutter: ads should be well targeted, relevant and enjoyable.
  • Brand logos, brand logos, and product snapshots are large enough to be easily seen on small mobile screens.
  • Create an ad that can still convey a message if you shorten it to 10-20 seconds. The initial advertising frames must be well branded and attract the attention of consumers, but at the same time be closed or skipped.
  • A 30-second and can be viewed for mobile devices if the goal is to convey complex information, increase confidence among consumers over 35, or encourage consumers to act.

Shock and Awe in the First Few Seconds

The first three seconds of your Facebook video ad is the most important. To create an effective video ad, you need to make an impact in the first few seconds. Show the viewers something that will make them curious, and they will want to see what happens next.

First-Few-Seconds-effective-video 2019

According to Facebook, 65% of people who watch the first three seconds of a video will continue to watch at least 10 seconds. And 45% will continue to look for 30 seconds.

Pay Attention to Thumbnails

Although video ads will automatically play by default, Facebook users can disable this feature. Hedge this by selecting a thumbnail that shows your product or main message in front and center. a thumbnail image is a static image of the cover of your video before any user plays it. Facebook gives you options from your thumbnail video. If you are not satisfied, you can upload your own sketch.

When choosing your video thumbnail, choose an image that shows a person making eye contact with the viewer.

facebook Pay-Attention Thumbnails video ads

You want to import your image into photo editing software such as Canva or PicMonkey. This is where you are going to overlay the text that goes on your thumbnail.

Your videos should be short.

When it comes to video content, you need to focus on making everything short, simple and straightforward. Otherwise, you just make people lose interest or skip this moment of the video. Currently, most people watch videos on their mobile devices. To make sure your viewers watch to the end of your video (and you get the whole message), aim for a duration of 15 seconds or less. Consider showing a brand or product image in the first few seconds.

First Few Seconds effective video ads 2019

Facebook also recommends creating ads of no more than 15 seconds. As they explain, “for shorter videos, the completion rate is higher, so you can successfully share your entire message.”

Always turn on CTA text for a great Facebook video.

You want people to act. You want them to fill out a leading form, or go to your site to subscribe or buy. You want them to do something. Go and tell them exactly what it is, in the video and in the video description.

Many people do not know how to add CTA to their Facebook page, although in fact it is quite simple. In fact, the “Add Call to Action” option will appear by itself as soon as you upload the video.

Add Call to Action video ads tips 2019

Optimize your ad title and description

The title and description of your ad also provide information to Facebook's targeting algorithms for your video, so be sure to include all the keywords related to your ad.

Optimize ad title description video ads 2019

Signatures can also increase video viewing time - a study conducted last year on Facebook showed that adding captions to video ads increases the viewing time by an average of 14%.

Of course, your video may already have a title and subtitle, but this is not always enough to attract an audience. You will need to include an additional context that sets up the video convincingly and fun.


Regardless of the purpose of the campaign, placement, targeting and other factors, it is important that your video ad is simple and concise. Short videos are not only more likely to be viewed completely, but will also work as stimuli that will arouse the curiosity of the viewer.

Regardless of whether you currently use video or not, 2019 is the year in which you can invest it in your advertising campaigns. Videos are a great tool for explaining your business. They create better connections, thereby increasing the number of conversions. Apply these seven best practices of Facebook video ads today.

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