7 Proven Facebook Advertising Tips for Better ROI

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Let's take a look at seven simple Facebook advertising tips to help you get the most out of your investment...

No doubt Facebook is an excellent marketing platform for your business. In fact, more than 5 million businesses advertise on Facebook. But you can’t just switch to advertising on Facebook without a plan and don’t want to spend a lot of money on paid advertising that does not encourage sales on your site.

Today we will help you answer this first question with these seven ad targeting tips on Facebook , which are guaranteed to increase the return on investment of all your campaigns.

Start with your Facebook Pixel

The most important place to start is your Facebook pixel. By installing this code snippet on your website, it allows you to specifically target visitors to your website depending on their interaction with your brand. For example, if you want to target someone who was on your pricing page, in a gallery, or even fill out a contact form on your site with a Facebook advertisement, you can do it. But be careful - although it seems simple enough, installing the Facebook pixel correctly hints at a lot and is important.

?Pixel allows you to track how successful your ads were on Facebook, giving you more accurate conversion statistics, and create a custom audience based on site traffic.

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If you want to accurately track your campaigns' return on investment and use web site visitors to retarget (and you absolutely need to do both), you don’t have much choice: you need to install the Facebook pixel required for all Facebook marketers to use.

Think about who you’re targeting

The key to advertising on Facebook is knowing your target audience and where to find it. Facebook alone has more than 2.38 billion users per month who help you connect your brand with an audience like no other. And its marketing potential is only growing. Thanks to this, Facebook offers a more diverse audience in terms of demography, age, gender, and lifestyle than other popular social platforms where they can be divided into different groups.Regardless of what you advertise or sell, you can create your own audience or audience that will deliver your ads directly to the people you need to view them. This has been an advantage for brands, as they can create advertisements for their specific target groups. You can find out what people are interested in.

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You can get a good idea of ​​their lifestyle, profession and income level.

Therefore, when creating your Facebook campaign, think about who you are trying to sell. Are you targeting your existing customers ? Are you targeting consumers who have never visited your site before? Are you targeting moms? Or do you target students? Whoever your audience is, you will get a higher return on investment if your ads are highly relevant to their needs.

Take advantage of retargeting.

Retargeting ads are an incredibly powerful marketing tool. These ads can be one of the best ways to attract the right customers and capture additional revenue for your business.

With retargeting, you can turn more event page visits into ticket sales — to the tune of 6x average ROI.

Here are some good retargeting audiences:

  • All your last 30-day visitors
  • People who added a product to the cart but did not complete the purchase.
  • Your blog readers and newsletter subscribers
  • facebook Retargeting ads roi tips 2019

    Facebook Retargeting is a cookie that you add to your website that allows you to track when a user leaves your website, follow it on Facebook and other places on the Internet, and show them targeted ads that convince them to return to your website and buy. By rebuilding abandoned visitors with retargeting, you can significantly increase your return on investment.

    Use the Facebook Audience Insights & Power Editor tool

    Audience Insights: This is the most important tool you need to help you find your niche on Facebook! Indeed, this is one of the best tips on advertising on Facebook that we can give you!

    There you can search and select fan pages, profiles and interests related to your niche.

    facebook audience insight on facebook tips 2019

    Get control over how much your ad is there and then break it like a professional.

    Power Editor: use it to create your posts and analyze data. Know your expenses, reach, impressions, clicks, CPM, CPC, CTR. In fact, everything you can compress will help you make it bigger and better.

    facebook Power Editor Tricks tips 2019

    Spend less time upgrading your posts and use the Facebook self-service advertising tool to run your promotions and spend more time using Power Editor. With it, you can:

    • Target audience with many options
    • Create advertising faster
    • Optimization is better than ever before

    Improving ROI in A / B Testing

    An A / B test consists of creating two or more versions of a piece of content, such as a landing page, email or advertisement, and changing one element in each version to see which one works best. You can best tips on advertising on Facebookcheck with A / B testing how your web page titles work. Although many may not think about it, there are a number of reasons why it is useful to check your headlines in this way, including determining what keeps customers on your site, what changes have a positive effect and what your customers expect from your site. site.

    facebook install pixel code Tricks tips 2019

    The great thing about A / B testing is that it shows you what resonates with your customers unbiasedly, which means that you can use the results of your analysis to attract more customers at a more meaningful level, and this will lead to more healthy bottom line.

    Use the right call-to-action button.

    When setting up an advertising campaign on Facebook, you can choose between 10 different calls for action. Which one to choose?

    The best practice here is to choose the CTA that is closest to the action you want people to take. One day we conducted an experiment with a client to determine which call to action is best suited: “Learn more” or “Register”.

    facebook install pixel code Tricks tips 2019

    While CTA "Learn More" gets more clicks at lower costs, CTA "Sign Up" brought in 14.5% more sales. A lack of CTA means you are not closing the deal; You do not convert. You’re “leaving money on the table” To boost your website ROI, make sure you're engaging your visitors and asking for the business. That's why I always recommend marketers to select a more sales-oriented call-to-action.

    Be creative Facebook ad images.

    When we talk about advertising on Facebook, it’s not just about creativity and video, but also about copywriting. Content relevance is crucial to success when using advertising on Facebook. Remember that you are going to spend money on your ad (depending on the settings you use). If your ads are not related to your target audience , you only spend your time and money and most likely will not succeed with any advertising.

    Spend time creating advertisements that are visually appealing and designed to achieve the goal you set for it.

    facebook install pixel code Tricks tips 2019

    To stand out, you need to provide excellent content that really appeals to your audience. This means that the key point is amazing, compressed copying, vivid visual effects and attractive video content.

    With these simple tips to increase your return on marketing investment on Facebook, you no longer have to worry about spending precious marketing dollars on campaigns that are not associated with users or convince them to buy.

    If you are still interested in how to optimize your landing page, read this guide to optimize ad copy .

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