5 Step To Create A Lookalike Audience On Facebook

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Here in this step by step tutorial, I will discuss all the steps you need to follow to create your first Facebook Lookalike audience. To set up a Facebook Lookalike Audience in Facebook Ads Manager, follow these steps...

Facebook lookalike audiences is an advanced targeting option that goes beyond basic functionality and demographic targeting. They are currently the most effective Facebook targeting tool to find your ideal customer. The best part about them, however, is that these new people are not simply determined by a set of targeting parameters; instead, they actually share traits with a certain group of existing perspectives. The possibilities for such an audience are endless.

For your counterparts to work flawlessly, your initial audience must be at least 100 people from one country. For example, this means that if you base your audience on-site visitors or blog readers, you need to have 100 readers from the United States. This is the best way to use a country/location as a source of demographics.

How to Create a Lookalike Audience in Facebook

A similar audience is the most effective way to find your ideal client on Facebook, because they get advertising to leading users, finding new users that match the profile of your best customers.

Create & Install the Facebook Pixel

Visit Facebook to create your own pixel. Then copy and paste the pixel javascript code into the code header of your website. For detailed step-by-step information on how to get a Facebook pixel, see our article “Create a Facebook pixel.”

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Create your Facebook lookalike audience by following these seven steps.

Step-1. Create a Custom Audience

The user audience is a target audience on Facebook based on the traffic to your site. Open Facebook Business Manager. Click the menu icon in the upper left corner of the toolbar to the right of the Facebook icon. where you will then find and select "Audiences" from the "Assets" column,

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Step-2. Select Lookalike Audience

Click on the Actions button and select the Create Lookalike option from the dropdown menu.

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Next, choose a source audience, the country, and percentage and hit the blue Create Audience button.

Step-3 Select the source of your audience.

Next, select the source of your audience. Here you decide what data you will use to create a similar audience, find the name of the audience you created earlier. You can also choose a page that you control. Facebook will create a target audience based on people who like the page. This option has fewer features and is less reliable, so I recommend using a user audience.

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Step-4 Select Audience Locations& size

While such an audience will generate a new audience automatically based on your original audience, you still need to focus on specific places so that your audience makes sense for your business.

Set location. In my case, it was the USA.

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Location targeting removes barriers to sales. When a potential customer is physically close to your store, you are much more likely to convince him to buy from you.

Set the size of your audience. Here, the default is 1% of the US, but you can change the size of your audience - this means that you are going to navigate somewhere between 1% and 10% of the total population of your chosen place. For a country like the United States, with a population of about 326 million people, a choice of 10% will make a very large untargeted audience.

Audience  lookalike-audience lookalike

Instead of being the actual number of people, your audience size can be narrowed down to focus on the most closely related matches.

Step-5 Click ‘Create Audience’ to Save Lookalike Audience

facebook-ads lookalike-audience lookalike tips

As they are free to create, continue and create a range of audiences to have in their hands for future ad campaigns.

When you aim at your counterparts, launch an introductory campaign. Using video is often an excellent strategy , as we discussed above, but you can also use pushy headlines that briefly explain why customers need to know about your product or brand. Then launch a retargeting campaign based on users who clicked on or became interested in the original ad, showing them the lead ad a second time.

A few extra pieces of information to keep in mind:

  • Your similar audience will consist only of potential customers from countries that you explicitly indicated in the process of creating an audience.
  • The initial audience must contain at least 100 people to be eligible for a double audience.
  • There should be no geographical relationship between your original audience and your similar audience. If you have an initial audience of 500 people from the UK, you can use it to create the same audience for potential customers in Canada.
  • A single source audience can be used to create up to 500 identical audiences.
  • Members of your original audience are automatically excluded from your similar audience.

Facebook has many different targeting options: from basic user demographics such as age and location to targeting users who have added an item to their wishlist on your site. Not only do advertisers have many targeting options, they can also combine these options to create a truly sophisticated audience. Find out more by reading our article on the basic parameters of targeting ads on Facebook.


Facebook lookalike audience uses warm customers or existing customers to create a new audience of a similar profile. This increases the likelihood of conversions and participation, which ultimately increases the business return on advertising investments.

This will help you create high-quality leads in an effective way that is much more scientific than guessing. You can then run retargeting campaigns to keep them turned on and push them through the funnel.

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