5 Tips To Avoid When Creating Facebook Video Ads

creating facebook video ads, 5 mistakes of facebook ads

Here you will learn 5 of the most common mistakes used in video Facebook advertisers. 5 Advanced Strategies for Creating High-Performing Facebook video ads... facebook ads,

Video ads are among the most powerful Facebook ad formats for generating user engagement. If you ask most marketers which content dominates on Facebook, they’ll tell you its video. A report that “1% of the top 500 posts on Facebook in 2018 were videos.” Video posts also generate an average of 59% more engagement than other post types, he adds.

Here’s the projection: 75% of all mobile data will be video by 2020. And driving this is the huge growth in Facebook users and Facebook’s move to become video-centric.

In this article, you’ll discover five tips for using video in your Facebook ad campaigns.

Optimize your content for the placements you choose

Video creative and ads that demand and garner more attention have a higher propensity and a higher chance of actually getting people's thumbs don't stop when they're speeding down that feed now one of the easiest ways and fastest ways you can garner more attention with your video creative is by actually optimizing said video creative for the placement in which you're running it on.

for example, if you're running a video creative for a 15-second Instagram ad then you gonna want to make sure that that is optimized for 1080 pixels across and 1920 pixels down. which is a vertical aspect ratio. similarly if you're running video ads in the feed you'll want to make sure that was optimized to ghana and capture the most news feed real estate whether that be on facebook or Instagram as possible.

optimize your video, video content

It confuses my team and myself all the time especially when Facebook keep moving the goalposts and changing what formats work where they actually have a cheat sheet slash guide which I 100% commend checking out and check it out before you actually start even filming or producing or editing those video ads right because it will allow you to save heaps names a time and ensure that you're producing and repurposing your video ads for the intended placement in which they're going to run.

facebook business one sheeters, video requirement

This is also especially true in terms of dimensions and duration. for example, if your goal was to run a video ad as a Facebook in-stream placement you've actually only got 5 to 15 seconds of video duration to play with. now this is a stark contrast to the 240 minutes max video length for videos in the Facebook feed.

facebook business one sheeters video requirement, facebook ads

2019 means 1080p HD

Most of us carry around a 4k video camera photo camera in our pockets right now even if we don't have a 4k photo camera video camera in our pockets we're carrying around something can at least view and consume content at 1080p.

Let me tell you if you're uploading video creative for your video ad that you intend to spend money on promoting then you want to ensure that your ad is not pixelated. 2019 means 1080p HD and I can't begin I just add a card even that to cover this just don't upload pixelated ads.

Last thing you want is for an audience member that you spent your hard-earned dollars in your business on trying to get in front of you get in front of that right audience then all I do blind because oh that's pixelated and they just walk away.

So optimize your video creative in the highest resolution and upload it in the highest resolution available so that you don't waste any ad dollars on people that are just gonna simply swipe away because your content is pixelated now

facebook business ads, video gudie for facebook ads
video guide for facebook business ads, technical requirement

Facebook has an incredibly comprehensive guide to the creative specs and checks no requirements for video ads

Video add thumbnails matter

Thumbnail captures the attention of your audience and its so important and I would even recommend going as far as customizing your thumbnails variable to their avatar of the customer in which you're targeting

For example if I'm running a facebook video ad campaign specifically targeting females then I'm gonna want to ensure that the thumbnail in which I'm using for those video ads inside of that campaign contains a female and you'd also want to apply that same rationale to the video creative itself. you want to ensure that you're using the characteristics of the advert which you're targeting inside of your messaging whether that's in the video creative or like I said in the thumbnail.

Just like all my recommendations for Facebook and Instagram ads I highly recommend you temper it with your own testing and your own data and the results from that testing that you conduct. All things being equal that if you can match the creative of your video as well as the creative via thumb now to the characteristics of the audience in which you're targeting you will get a better return on investment.

I would also like to get you to think about the fact that you are not your target audience and many people that use Facebook and Instagram have the data settings set to low which means that they don't have videos autoplay in their feed. so how are you going to be able to effectively get someone to click on your video ad if you don't have an engaging thumbnail?

If they don't have that attention-grabbing if your thumbnail does not have that attention-grabbing capability then you're just basically going to be blinded and people are just going to speed pass with their thumbs on your feed so like I said thumbnails matter.

20% text rule for thumbnails

Here let me tell you it's thumbnails that are either bespoke created bespoke designed or thumbnails that are taking automatically generated images to use as thumbnails from the video creative that contain more than 20% text. why does this matter?

well if your thumbnail now contains over 20% text it's basically going to mean that your ad is going to be slightly reduced in terms of its reach. if it has a lot more text than 20% you can expect those reductions in reach to be a lot more severe and not only that you're going to experience increases in cost because it's contrary to what the Facebook algorithm wants you to do.

It wants your image creative to be non-spammy, it wants your thumbnails to be non-spammy, which means if you need to reduce your text to less than 20%

I've seen so many client campaigns move hopped in we've ordered their accounts have Auto thumbnail Auto generated thumbnails from their video creative and they don't even know they basically just had an automatic thumbnail where there's been it's taken from inside their video created where they've had text effects on-screen which is pushed the text over 20% for their thumbnail which is a result from them paying more for their ads and getting less bang for their buck. Nobody got time for that to let me tell you fam so what do I recommend to get around this

image text, overlay

If you want to check your text overlay percentage before uploading a thumb now to your video ad Facebook has this super handy tool which is known as the Text a tool that you can use to check the text percentage of your images before you upload them to your video ads.


We all know the feeling of wanting to watch your video when we're on public transport or somewhere in public and not having our earphones with us then you want to watch the video but you can't watch her because you're in a public place. so you don't want to annoy the people around you or turn the volume on or have anyone eavesdropping on what you're watching.

if your video creative that you're using or that you're distributing to your audience or your video ads you're distributing to your audience don't have subtitles you're leaving a lot of attention on the table because for those people that are consuming your video on silent because they don't have headphones they're basically just going to swipe pass because they can't engage with the ad itself because there's no way for them to really consume and understand what's going on with your video you're creative if there are no subtitles for the verbal speech

It's no surprise that over 85% of Facebook users actually consume their feed with the subtitles on and the sounds off. so how do we get around this well the answer is pretty simple subtitles or SRT files for my fellow nerds out there we use a website called Rev to get our srt files which are also Facebook ready for one dollar per minute for the transcription and that comes from real human beings and that's done within the turnaround time of 24 hours.

For those of you that are on a budget, there's another website called Timmy which is actually an AI-based transcription platform that creates SRT files for only 10% a minute. Steal the only caveat using Timmy is that your quality really needs to be tip-top otherwise that AI is gonna have trouble being accurate in terms of its transcription.

Facebook is an incredibly powerful outlet. Use your Facebook videos strategically to take full advantage. Not only are Facebook video ads highly effective at spreading brand awareness, they’re also spreading around the Facebook Platform. Video advertising represents a unique opportunity for brands to get ahead of their competitors by doing it right the first time.

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