5 Best AI Tools to Automate Your Facebook Ads

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Here we provide the list of top 5 artificial intelligence tools Tools to Automate Your Facebook Ad Campaigns and improve your ROI. optimise the perfect Facebook marketing campaign with AI..

Marketers are now using AI to write their Facebook and Instagram ad copy. It’s no secret that Facebook is one of the most lucrative platforms for advertisers. As of 2018, there are over 4 million active Facebook advertisers worldwide.

AI is allowing advertisers to dramatically boost the efficiency of their campaigns and workdays, but its use is most prevalent in programmatic advertising.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can actually support the automation of your Facebook advertising campaigns. Facebook is offering a new service to its advertising customers that goes beyond micro-targeting ads based on what it knows about its users. The new "loyalty prediction" service allows you to get information based on more than 2 billion individuals and generates millions who are at risk of switching to a competitor in the near future.

There are many AI automation tools that will help you sequentially save time and money on Facebook ads. When used correctly by advertisers. Today we are going to highlight the five best

Reveal bot

With the help of AI, the Reveal bot has so far been successful in giving live updates about ad campaigns. Reveal Bot is fully integrated into the business chat tool Slack. A live update in Slack will inform you about the progress and success of your Facebook campaigns. Its flexible set of rules allows us to construct complex scenarios that will not be available to us with other tools. This is a truly advanced product that has helped us increase value in terms of our Facebook advertising spend. "

reveal boat AI, facebook ads

However, compared to other platforms, ReavealBot has been established as a platform for more advanced advertisers, and will not be very useful to business owners in terms of management. Overall, advertising is probably the best for advertisers to manage campaigns in bulk, but for average users it is not very user friendly.

It is no secret that a data visualization is a tremendous tool for identifying trends. Reveal Bot has a useful graph feature that allows you to compare two metrics from your campaign, displayed visually.

reveal boat, facebook ads

Above you can see the correlation between ad spend and click-through rate to determine whether or not you’re scaling your campaign effectively.

The initial version of Reveal Bot is for free. For example, a special type of message, a customer feature report and robotization are included. There is no restriction on individual works from $ 49, depending on the advertising budget.

Overall I am really happy with this unique program. It is an essential tool to enhance your Facebook advertising campaigns, is easy to use, and is well worth the money. This helps to save time and money immediately.


Zalster is an application that attempts to replace human intelligence with artificial intelligence. Using sophisticated algorithms, Zalster will optimize your bids, budget, targeting and ad creative to give you the best results. Working with Unibet, H&M, Daniel Wellington, Chimie and others, the company suggests that we can give up the 'guessing game' using machine learning and automation.

Slack bot features includes:
  • Quick performance overviews
  • AI-based predictions
  • Automated recommendations & insights

Talking about the features of its application, you can know the live status of your ads using its dashboard. Do not unnecessarily blow your bucks on devices that are taking you nowhere.

zalster, facebook ads

Zalster is appropriate for web-based business websites or websites with a clear conversion goal. If you are searching for reach or site click, you will be disappointed with this tool. Zalster is also suitable for e-commerce websites or websites with clear conversion targets. If you are looking for only access or website clicks, then you will be disappointed with this tool.

Pricing - Instead of paying a set amount for a service, no matter how much you use it, Zalster has gone for a slightly different approach. The tool costs five percent of Facebook advertising expenses, though at least $ 495 by month.


ReFUEL4 tackles the common problem of ad fatigue and takes Facebook ad automation to another level.

There is no guarantee that your advertising campaign will always run and that too produces better leads. There comes a point when everyone gets bored of accepting the same advertisement over and over again. When your ad staggered.

refuel4 tools, facebook ads

With the help of AI, ReFUEL4 analyzes when your ad will stop and it will be replaced with a new ad before the ad starts to suffer from fatigue. It includes a wide network of freelancers in advertising creatives.

This program works to rectify common errors that occur when taking a Facebook advertising campaign. ReFUEL4 helps protect ads when they start dipping. It is one of the most excellent tools to automate your Facebook ads. Whenever there is a problem, the program helps give it space to replace advertisements. Costs approximately $ 1000 per month. Refuel 4 is particularly recommended for large-scale campaigns.

refuel4 tools, large sclae campaign

"The algorithm can take into account whether it is viewed on desktop or mobile," explained Kafiro Takiguchi, CEO of Refuel 4G. "At the moment, for this version, we have reduced the number of areas to be completed for ease of use. In a 'live' scenario using ReFUEL4's platform and SHAKA AI, more targeting options are available, including an operating system for the smartphone. "

  • Get creative fast
  • Predict performance
  • Engage all formats

So while this tool can determine viewing differences, the full platform has wider capabilities in this respect. That seems fair, given that Ad Analyzer is free of charge, a decision that allows ReFUEL4 to show off its AI capabilities.


AI Target is also a well-known software to automate your Facebook advertising. This tool is recommended for advertisers running ad campaigns that are less than $ 25000. Like other tools, AI Target also uses artificial intelligence to analyze and optimize Facebook campaigns. Whether its customer targeting or content management or conversion is a one-stop-shop for advertisers. Having a set of different automation along with significant data from the Facebook ad manager and Google Analytics, AI target is considered to be one of the best tools at present.

AI target, facebook tool

AI targets can easily run complex campaigns involving creatives from multiple locations, audiences. It defines bid, budget and advertising creative very well. The features of its application can also give you data integration.

AI Target has a friendly support team that will answer marketing and technical questions within hours.

AI target, facebook tools

Although there is a free version available for smaller campaigns, this only entails 1 automation. For campaigns with an ad spend of $2,000-4,000 per month, prices start at $200.


Trapica is an AI-driven algorithm platform for marketers that automatically manages, targets, and optimizes marketing campaigns on social networks. Trampica changes the way they manage their advertising campaigns. Today, marketers need different tools to help them create and manage their marketing campaigns.We change it. With Trapica you only need one tool - AI that autonomously manages all the possible aspects of your marketing campaigns for you, 24/7. Our AI controls the campaign's targeting, bidding, creative A / B, scale and other aspects and helps manage their ads autonomously.

AI of trapica, facebook ads

Trapica uses real-time AI to identify the audience that converting Now on your marketing campaigns and target them in the best way. But, in 10 min It can completely change!

One of the best features of Trapica is the creative A / B test. The tool's AI A / B tests existing creatives and decides which current audience is most likely to convert. That's not all, every time the tool discovers that an underperforming creative is automatically shut down. The platform is used by Detaild, Shopify, IGN and other brands, agencies and publishers.


The future is AI and its use will only contribute to improving the efficiency of advertising campaigns with better targeting. Even if targeting is not done, your best preparation is going to suffer the most.

AI has become mainstream within the PPC industry, marketers will have to start shifting their areas of expertise away from microcranging keywords and bid prices, and move towards a higher-level strategy

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