3 Mistakes to Avoid When Advertising on Facebook

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Here we discover the most common mistakes made with Facebook and how to resolve them from top Facebook advertising experts Avoid these mistakes to become a Facebook Ads master.

I have heard so many people tell me that social media advertising doesn’t work. Failure is a terrifying word. It’s an especially big monster in the closet for Facebook advertisers. Of course, with great targeting power comes great responsibility. Facebook ads are far from beginner-friendly, and the huge range of adoptions make it tough for newbies to get started. To some extent, you just have to dive in and get your feet wet.

In the last five years that I have been doing advertising, I have come across a handful of mistakes people make with Facebook advertising. Avoid the mistakes listed in this article to create winning campaigns and become a Facebook marketing master!

Here for a while You know, I have a lot of Blogs on Facebook ads manager pixel tracking all that good stuff and I Hear what people are focusing on I see what people are really wanting to go through and accomplish with their business.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Advertising on Facebook

We can't waste this money So if we have the wrong of the wrong objective, then you're just you're gonna fail from the start, But Stephen r.covey says to begin with the end in mind and we could have all the best intentions But if we are making these small mistakes, then we're really not gonna get to our goal So Here I'll discover the most common mistakes made with Facebook ads and how to resolve them from top Facebook advertising experts

Focusing on likes or followers Not build an email list

All right so the first biggest mistake what is the best marketing objective when setting up a Facebook ad campaign to get more likes and followers on my Instagram account

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I believe is on the Instagram account might have been Facebook page, but guys, honestly it really applies to any social media network, or if you're trying to get more YouTube subscribers more Instagram followers more any of this and The truth is guys The money is not in the number of followers that you have then the money is not in the number of subscribers.

I know it was several people with well over a hundred thousand well over 500 thousand subscribers that make pennies the dollar compared to some people with much smaller channels and The same thing goes for Instagram if you just have a lot of followers But you don't have the business sense the business. savvy on the backend and know how to actually turn those followers into money? Then it really doesn't matter. If you have five hundred thousand followers or a million followers on Instagram.

million follswes, instagram

You still have no business So the key is I would really understand of how to go through and start generating Sales from a small following as opposed to going through and saying well I'm gonna first focus on getting this massive following and then I'm gonna go and make money.

There's not a quicker way that you're gonna go broke then focusing on just likes or followers on whatever social network You're trying to build, believe me, guys. I talk with a lot of Instagram influencers and It's crazy how they have they've grown these big followings, but they're still broke because they don't know how to monetize it. They don't know how to sell anything to those people. And so this big old following it just it really doesn't benefit them whatsoever

So the first biggest mistake guys are going for likes or followers and having that be your sole focus.

build emails, facebook ads

What I would go for instead is to go and build an email list Because if you're building an email list Then you're able to have that way of communication with those people being able to go through an easier sell things to those people and you Can leverage that email list to build your following on YouTube on Instagram on Facebook.

Whatever platform you want to go through and grow and that's exactly what I did. where I went through and I was only focused on building my email list and then on the back end after somebody already opted into my email list,

There's a lot of chance to grow a whole lot faster than I did But you know It's a good start and honestly, if you look at it I'm able to go through and Using the strategy make a lot more money than some of the channels that might be ten times the size of my channel

Not Focusing on the Right Audiences

he second biggest mistake I see newbies with Facebook. Advertising is not focusing on the right Audiences right now Facebook they want to help you out They want to give you all this material to go through and be successful But by giving you all this information all of these different audiences you can go through and target a lot of times That's what keeps you from actually being successful

focus, right audience

Now about a year ago Facebook took away the demographic targeting and everyone freaked out and everyone's like oh man like Facebook ads are done they're dead.

Honestly like for me and a lot of my friends that like spend a lot of money on advertising. It really did it faces faze us at all because we're not going through and targeting any of those demographics and so if you were then you know that like that was like not a good strategy with your business because now you can't do those targeting and then even with the interests of people interested in basketball or people interested in football or whatever the topic might be.

target, interests

Everyone else is going through and clicking those same things of saying hey I want to target people that are interested in real estate or people interested in making money online or whatever. it is You're fighting with so many other Facebook Advertisers and it's this massive red ocean where you want to create your own blue ocean So what you want to do when it comes to targeting? Specific audiences with your Facebook advertising you want to focus on building your own custom audiences.

what is a custom audience?

This is anyone that has been a previous client Okay, maybe they bought some product for you or they have used your service or whatever. It might be Anyone that has been a lead So you've got maybe their phone or email address and you're able to go through. So that's a list of people that are the potential clients that I want to go through a market - it could be anyone that visits your website anybody has interacted with your Facebook page. These are all custom audiences because they've already had interaction with your business

facebook, custom audience, mistakes

Exclude people who already like your Facebook page. If you are trying to extend your brand reach and attract new audiences to your site, exclude your existing Facebook followers.

facebook, budget, mistakes

So it's kind of like more of that Retargeting play which is basically advertising like Amazon where you go and check out a product Now all of a sudden you're seeing this product all over the place, right? So you're able to do that with your marketing you're having these custom audiences that you're showing it to this very targeted Group as opposed to hey, I want to just target everyone that is real estate agent, right? It's just so broad and you're really not gonna see that creative results And then what you do is you take this custom audience and then you start and you focus on a 1% lookalike audience.

So what the way that works is you go through and say hey Facebook here is the custom audience Here's like all my leads and I want you to find other people that look just like these leads so they have the same interest may be the same demographics and even though you can't target by like Financials and if they're a homeowner or anything like that Facebook still knows that data. They still have all this data on everyone And so they use this data to go help you create these lookalike audiences

facebook mistakes, target audience

So this is the big key when it comes to targeting is Focusing on your custom audiences and then when it comes time to scale focus on those Look-alike audience because that 1% looks like audience that is 2 million people inside that audience which were most business owners That's we mourned enough people to go through and advertise to and you really don't need a scale beyond the 1% look like audience until you're spending more than $2,000 per day on your advertising and so guys a lot of people don't really ever get to $2,000 per day on your advertisement.

Not Tracking Numbers

The third and most important is tracking numbers. This is not knowing your numbers So pretty much my whole strategy for the last like two-three years was going through and saying, okay I'm gonna put X amount into Facebook ads and as long as I'm making money back out.

So let's say I put a thousand bucks into you advertising for the week or whatever it was back in the day and then if I made two thousand or three thousand dollars back out and like Perfect. I made money I'm good And I'm just gonna pocket it and I wasn't really keeping track of anything the thing about this is it adds a lot of stress Unneeded stress to your life because you just have no idea where you're at with your business

facebook ads, tracking numbers

The same thing goes if you're like trying to lose weight But you've never weighed yourself so you don't know if like you're actually losing weight or not. You're not tracking your calories You're not like actually taking measurements. You're not doing any of that stuff. Then you could go three months You could've lost ten pounds, but by just looking at yourself in the mirror, you can't really tell that you lost weight So you got to go through you got a measure You got a track you got to go through on a daily basis track.

  • How much money did you spend?
  • How much money did you make how many leaves did you generate?
  • What's the lifetime value of those leads?
  • You've got to have all this tracking in place?
  • Do it on a day to day basis

I started tracking in detail a few months ago and It has been like the biggest Revelation of me it's been so much easier on just my mental state and I've been able to be a lot more confident in scaling my ad so scaling my business has been a lot better

Just look at the numbers. You still made money, right?

facebook ads, tracking costs

so that's a big thing is number three is Tracking go through make sure you're tracking and don't just rely on the numbers inside the Facebook as manager But actually make like Google sheets that you're tracking. Hey, how many leads were added to my email list?

Every single day or every single week depending on how much money you're spending. If you're not spending a ton of money, you don't have to do it. every single day Just track for the whole week maybe track on Fridays for the previous Friday to that Thursday and then go check out How many sales came in through stripe or PayPal or whatever business you're in?

How many leads were added to my business how much? Money was spent on Facebook how much was spent on Google and You're just going through and tracking all those numbers and so you can have a really good pulse on your business


These top Three just scratch the surface but they should give you an idea of the kind of logical thinking you need to fix performance issues in Facebook ads. If everything’s done correctly, you can even test landing pages by going against ‘best practices’ and set up automated rules to take over some time-consuming tasks. Facebook has become one of the - if not the - best advertising options for small and medium-sized companies. If you avoid the above Three mistakes you can probably make money there, regardless if you're a B2C or B2B business.

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